Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday news opinions

A little late today...

EA kills a game or two a year: Not surprising, most companies have to do this.

Saint's Row 2 causing controversy already: Not surprising, the game looked like it was trying to get it on purpose.

Analyst predicts next Tony Hawk to include Skateboard peripheral: Wouldn't surprise me, but I wouldn't play it though.

Microsoft sued in California over 360 hardware failures:
Sounds like Karma to me.

Phantasy Star Portable (PSP) coming to U.S. in March: Sounds good, I never played those games however.

Sam and Max Season One Wii 1up review: I'll wait and hope for a PS3 version.

BioShock PS3 IGN review:
That's what I'm going to be buying.

Activision trademarks Guitar Hero: Modern Hits: Uh......

Gears of War 2 pre-orders tops original:
Uh, yeah, no duh?

No Trophies for SOCOM at launch: No, bad idea, don't keep this up.

Not even mainstream press can escape Sackboys charms: Well, that's no surprise.

Upcoming BioShock patch to fix graphical issues: Thank you 2K. That's what I like to see.

Tashy game coming to PSN: Sounds.... Interesting.

Pre-Order Naruto at gamestop, get free DLC episode: That sounds nice.

The Stories of Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII according TGS press kit:
Final Fantasy Versus XIII's story sounds amazing.

Sony's booth reality vs Home: That is amazing.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and other trailers leaked: Sweet

Tales game making it's way to the PSP: Now, where's a PSP one?

Patapon 2, Bigger, Badder, more Baddass: Wow, that sounds bigger.

PSP Firmware 5.00 out now: Sweet, PSP got a lot better.

High Velocity Bowling getting an update: Meh...

First look at Final Fantasy Agito XIII battle screen:
Looks, uh, like I can't make a judgement yet.

San Andreas becomes and Xbox Original:
You mean it wasn't already?

How did the Tecmo Koei merge start?: Ok.

Portal: Still Alive has new achievements:
I dunno, it seems like this is kind of a meh Portal spin off. I'll probably still get it someday.. I dunno

No PS3 games support screen grab feature: Kinda stupid if you ask me, make it mandatory if you want people to use it.

Uncharted PS3 boxart:
Meh, This < MGS4 PS3 Boxart.

Early Max Payne movie review "Horrid" "Dodgy" "Sub-Standard": This is a shame, I'll wait for more reviews though.

Star Ocean 4 = Star Ocean 3 + Prettier graphics:
I didn't like any of them, so....

Diablo III doesn't need DRM, it has battlenet: Sounds good!

Someone made a portable Dreamcast: You gotta love hardware mods...

Obama ups ads in-games: As much as I like Obama, that's a bit hypocritical.

So, how long is the wait until Half-Life 2: Episode 3?: Hmm...

Yes, LittleBigPlanet street date is broken:
*Sigh* what popular game hasn't had this happen?

Speed up loading on PS3 with SSD: It will be more useful years from now, when it's cheep.

Dead Space kotaku frankenreview: Sounds like people liked it.

Tom Clancy Endwar demo hits Xbox Live: Uh, K.

Far Cry 2 DRM announced: It's.... Alright...

RUMOR: Next Xbox to be 'forward compatible': Wait, what?

RuneScape: Now with PvP:

EA tried to buy Take 2 out of charity:

Gears of War 2 single player impressions: I still need to play the first one...

Mother 3 english patch hitting this week: *Tsk* *Tsk* Nintendo.

Assuie cops find 3400 ecstasy tablets inside a PS2: Wow, that's one way of hiding them...

Fable creator talks about next game: *sigh* Some things never change...

PLAYSTATION is now PlayStation:
Good news in my opinion.

Best in show TGS winners announced: Sounds about right.

Sony stresses the importance of games: You got that right...

Nintendo Wii players perfer Wii Fit to Okami:

Studio Ghibli game debut trailer: Can you say pretty?

Sony doesn't think the Games market is exactly recession proof: I kinda agree.

EA Boss: No one cares about DRM, but I hate it:
Now, what's wrong with this picture?

New White Knight Chronicles screens: Who else sees this as the best console RPG to come out in a while?

Okay, done...

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