Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday news opinion

It's the weekend, and here's your news:

Digital Downloads vs Retail purchase: I still prefer retail. I love having a disk, box and manual. Also being able to take it with you to a friend's house...

AC/DC Rock Band to have it's own Trophies/Achievements:
Oh.. I care not.

Remedy talks about upcoming Allan Wake trailer:
Sounds good, this is one 360 Exclusive I really am looking forward to.

Play Crysis Wars free next week: Since when is there another Crysis game?

DSi Won't immediately replace the DS Lite in the US:
What good does this do but to screw over the consumer?

Playstation Home Preview: I want to get my hands on this...

Linger In Shadows from out this thursday:
I hope there will be a demo, I want to try this, but not buy it outright.

Interesting looking PSP Japanese Turn based strategy game:
Looks interesting enough.

Tenchu 4 to hit Wii, and PSP?:
I've never played these games, but I've heard the name before, they any good?

Halo Wars backstory: Meh, I think this game will be "alright"

Rock Band 2 Xbox 360 has band deleting glitch: "Woops"

That's all for now..

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