Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday news opinions

So I am back, and starting to try to settle back into my normal schedule...

Mercenaries 2 gets amazing downloadable content: WANT.

Second Metal Gear Online expansion coming soon: As cool as this is, they should update the original game, and add trophies.

Chrono Trigger DS new features revealed: Eh...

Kolona gets Wii remake: There should be a point where developers just say "We are only porting this for money, not because it would be any better on the Wii"

Fallout 3 preview journal: This game will be awesome.

Diablo 3 will not contain guns: *happy*

Guitar Praise released for Mac: One game the mac can do without, hell, everyone can do without.

Bomberman coming to PSN: Finally, that took a while.

Grand Theft Auto IV trophie list: Now for MGS4, right?

A game that looks like Shadow of the Colossus coming to PS3: Wont be as good, but even so, if it's anywhere near, it will be amazing.

Tecmo making a zombie PSP game:

Job listing hints at possible PSP LittleBigPlanet: This would be nice.

Ryan Payton indeed now working with Mircosoft game studios: Ew.

PlayOn beta unlocks Netflix, Hulu, and more on PS3/360: Sweet.

Home beta not coming with firmware 2.5 after all: That's why it's a rumor folks.

Penny Arcade episode 2 gone gold, coming to PSN this fall: That nice, but where's the first one?

Sackboys and Girls IRL!: Awwwwwww!!!

Wii Final Fantasy a port of the DS game: Whaaat?

Koei-Tecmo merge all about surviving:
If you're going to try and survive, you shouldn't grab someone that's sinking...

PSP/PS3 sales up 30%: Okay... More PSP software plz.

Pure Kotaku review: Meh.. eh.. meh..

Kotaku Silent Hill: Homecomming franken review: Not as bad as they say... But not the best thing ever either.

First fantasy game on iPhone Kotaku hands on: That looks Pr-etty!

How Fallout 3 is not the same as Oblivion: I will probably love that game.

Animated Resident Evil movie to have screening at TGS: I guess we'll see if it's crap.

What SEGA is bringing to TGS:
Hmm, meh, nothing outstanding...

RAGE might still hit digital distribution:
Have fun downloading 20+ GBs.

RUMOR: Someone else says Max Payne 3 is in development: It really wouldn't surprise me.

Resident Evil 5 will have a lot of little details: Sounds awesome, too bad I don't really care about the series.

David Jaffe responds to internet response to God of War movie director:
I'm glad there's at least one person who can speak his mind in this industry.

American website: It's time to talk about the new Wii (2011): Why do people want there to be new consoles so soon?

Happy wednesday all.

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