Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday news opinions

Hiya, getting back on schedule here, though I don't know when I will dare visit n4g as there is probably 20+ pages of news stories for me to go through.... *shudders*

Nintendo announced new hardcore games, guess what... They are old franchises: Not only are they old franchises, but I really don't care about them... Jeez, can't you do anything new that's not a casual game, or *Shudder* Wii-Music....

Nintendo announces DSi: I can't imagine people really being all that excited for it, it almost seems like a downgrade with no GBA slot... Heck, you can't even play Guitar Hero on it.

SEGA releasing Valkyria Chronicles early:
This rarely happens, but is great news when it does.

DSi not coming to america for quite some time: Uh, okay...

DSi gets downloadable titles.... and they are casual games:
Aren't casual gamers the ones that download titles the least?

Next EGM has Resident Evil 5 as a cover story... But it looks like Resistance 2 stole it's thunder:
Seriously, with that cover, Resistance 2 totally stole the cover...

IGN's top 10 PS1 games that should be on the Playstation Store©: Where's Driver?

How the PSP sizes up against the DSi and iPhone:
Yup, it's the biggest, but in my opinion you get the best games, so it's a trade off....

Two of the three PSP games revealed for TGS:
Hm... Okay... Nothing that I really care about.

More LittleBigPlanet beta codes, along with a great trailer: Sackboys FTW.

Kotaku de Blob review: This is one Wii game that interested me, I gotta say, I love the art style.

Wii Speak coming next month: Wii finally gets screaming teens and younger through voice chat.

The man behind the Marvel Movies wants to do the same with games: Uncharted movie? Sign me up. This guy really sounds like he could do some good in the video game-movie market.

Fallout 3 does it right (DRM): It looks like one company doesn't have insecurity issues, they know their game is good, and it will sell well. And for any dorks that download it, know that you are ruining chances of seeing any of their other games on PC.

Take Two wont be merging with anyone after all:

Nintendo: No need for Wii or DS price cuts: True that.

Next Dead Rising to be episodic?: One would hope not...

First half of 2008 Japan hardware sales: Wait, the 360 still hasn't sold over a million?

DSi to hit europe spring 2009: Yay for europe not getting shafted!

Save Wii games direct to SD card: Okay... Where's the HDD though?

Now I shall wait for the playstation network update....

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