Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday News Opinions

And here you go.

Chris Hecker responsible for simplified Spore gameplay: Poor dude, he ruined something that could have been big.

Harmonix making a Beatles game:

Sony Prefers R&D over Exclusive DLC:
I agree with this. Games>DLC.

Lord of the Rings: Conquest pushed into 2009: Good thing, more development: better game.

Square-Enix first iPhone coming to Japan this fall: Wonder if it will be any good.

GameTap releases episode 2 of American McGee's Grimm:
I want to try this someday.

City of Heros coming to mac: Woot.

1up Review for Resistance 2:
How come 1up's reviews suck these days? They are short and don't go into detail.

Atari picked up Chronicles or Riddick game for '09:
Uh, k.

Home beta opening up to Qore subscribers:

GBA as best selling handheld kicked off by DS: I see.

Resistance 1 vs Resistance 2: Okay, Resistance 2 does have better graphics, but a bit too much color.

LittleBigPlanet patch 1.03 out now, severs back online: Good news!

Battlefield: Bad Company trophy patch out now: I am loving the old games being patch for trophies.

Break apart PS3 controller patient found: PS4 I think.

Mirror's Edge trailer about "Future of the PS3": Future of the PS3 is a lot of quality games.

PixelJunk Monsters update 2.00 out now in Europe: WANT!!!!

Analyst: PS3 wont break even: Analysts.....

LocoRoco 2 coming to PSP Europe in November:
US Release 2009, time to import.

PSP brite is harder to hack: Good job sony! :)

PSP mod allows PSP to be played on a SNES controller: Wow... That's... Interesting?

Atari accusing casual gamers of P2P sharing:

New Left 4 Dead trailer:

Frankenreview - Fallout 3: :) Want.

LittleBigPlanet Kotaku review: Want.

Does style beat out realism: It depends on what you are talking about.

Nintendo: "We've never neglected Core gamers": This is why I hate them... What, do they think that Wii Sports is a core game?

Radio station sells soul to Nintendo: *sigh*

LittleBigPlanet on NASCAR: Uh, K.

Activision blocking Brutal Legend release: ACTIVISION!!!!!!! >:(

Gears of War movie to be close to the game: Good, so it's not just inspired by it?

Ghostbusters game gets publisher and release window: Sweet.

Developer says that DS and DSi aren't as similar as you think: This doesn't bode well...

Miyamoto is producing Punch Out: Uh, k.

PC Saint's Row 2 delayed: Thus is PC gaming.

Awesome Mega Man 9 stop motion video:
Hahaha that's awesome.

Valkyria Chronicles IGN AU Review: Sweet, this sounds amazing!

Valkyria Chronicles IGN Review: Sweeeeet!

And that's the news!

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