Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday News Opinions

*Yawn* And the news for today.

Guitar Hero: World Tour guitar IGN review: Hmm.

Fallout 3 IGN UK review: I still really want to try it.

Grand Theft Auto IV PC pushed back?: Care-o-meter: 0.

Truer words never spoken: I completely agree.

Banjo Kazzoie: Nuts and Bolts demo on XBL:
Hmm, I'll download later.

Poll says Capcom "won" TGS: Well, honestly, who else would have won?

Xbox 360 getting Netflix streaming November 19th: Uh, k.

Mirror's Edge demo coming out tomorrow: YES!!!!

Penny Arcade episode 2 demo out for PC: Mac&Console versions to follow?

Need for Speed: Undercover debuts new car:
Um, interesting.

Activision releases setlist for Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades:

SEGA to publish The Conduit: On of the few Wii games I'd like to try.

Miyamoto wants new Zelda&Mario games to be more fresh: Knowing him, they will have Wii-Sorts like mini games...

Penny Arcade adventures episode 2 1up review:

Chrono Trigger DS preview: *sigh*

The Beatles may be coming to Rock Band: YES!!!!

Obama put up $44,500 for in-game advertisements:
I see.

PS3 sales near 17 million: How very awesome!

Fallout 3 gamespot review: *Need*

SOCOM Confrontation out today:

Activision offering solution to drum problems:
It's what they should do.

More PS3s sold the 360 in Q2: Cool.

Sony on DLC: "Nothing is ever exclusive": That sounds good.

Nyko media hub give PS3s 2 extra USB ports: Good for 40Gb owners.

PSN game I don't care about delayed:
Uh, k.

Kefka looks scary as crap: Day one purchase.

Killzone 2 on G4TV tonight: I'll wait until later when it's online.

Kotaku Fallout 3 review: *want*

New Elder Scrolls a possibility in 2010: YES!!!!

Sega Genesis turns 20 today:

Rock Band 2 gets 360 Europe release date: Nice.

PS3 making money, PSP sales up, PS2 outselling PS3: Okay.

Bethesda nervous about Fallout 3 reviews: Just make a good game and don't worry about it.

Fallout 3 trailers are being pulled?: *Sigh*

Obama campaign: "Put down those Wii-Motes and vote": *sigh* That's not very nice.

JOKE: Rejected Guitar Hero games: Heh.

Jack Thompson now officially disbarred:

Good day!

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