Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday News opinions

Took me a bit longer to get to the computer to start this..

Red Faction: Guerrilla, the most destructive destruction game: I want a demo.

IGN LittleBigPlanet review: Put your worries to rest, console seller game confirmed.

IGN AU LittleBigPlanet review:
See above.

Barack Obama add appears in Burnout: Paradise: I really don't think someone will vote for someone because they saw their add in a video game...

PC Lego Batman demo available: PS3 version demo?

Halo 1's multiplayer was original to be cut: I still would have loved it, but I probably wouldn't have seen a Halo 2 of the same caliber.

Bethesda: We spend ridiculous amounts of money on pirates:
I like that PC elitist pirates can't blame anyone but themselves that PC gaming is dying.

Mortal Combat vs. DC Universe release date, November 16th:
I still think this game is just "whhaat?"

Where's the 1up LittleBigPlanet review?:
Makes sense.

New Halo Wars preview: I can't help but to think this game sounds really cheesy.

EA may eventually let players create their own Spore creature parts:
Sounds good.

Gamespot's Dead Space review: Sounds fun for Horror fans.

Microsoft offering upgrades for HDDless 360s for NXE: Seems like the decnt thing to do, but Microsoft, if you had had HDD standard....

Valve teases Half-Life 2: Episode 3:
By then I'll have lost interest...

Gamespot's Saint's Row 2 review:
Sounds meh to me.

New Mac Laptops announced: *Drools*

Download the Linger in Shadows soundtrack for free!: It's good, get it nao.

PS3 Firmware 2.50 coming tomorrow!:
Sweet I'm looking forward to it.

New PSP store walkthrough: This can only mean good things.

PSP Bright now available: I want one of these, I may just have to start saving.

MGS4 on 360? Better not be:
This would make me extremely angry.

RUMOR: Dan Ackroyd: "Ghostbusters game picked up by Atari, still a year away": I wonder if this is true?

Energy Star to release eco-specs for game consoles: I wonder what will be the best?

New inFAMOUS screenshots: I want this game.

Studio Ghibli game case is amazing: Wow....

Bionic Commando "Is not ****ing Spider Man": No, it's not, but hopefully it will be easy enough to play..

New Bond game contains Golden Gun:
This game looks like something that people other then me might enjoy.

Mirror's Edge is part of planned trilogy:
It better be successful then..

The journey of Max Payne to hollywood: I wonder if the movie will be any good still.

PC CoD: WaW beta soon to PC: PS3 version, hello?

Southpeak games buys up Gamecock:

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft talk educational games: BRING ON THE ORAGAN TRAIL!

Street Fighter IV to have 60 minute anime: Yes, but who will watch it?

Kojima to announce next game at next year's TGS?: That's a bit of a way off...

Fans create their own version of Mirror's Edge star, prettied up:
The reason I think this is stupid, is that it would be making yet another game fall into make the females wither powerless, or sexy and ass kicking.... Seriously, there are more then 2 types of women....

If Miyamoto had designed a Motorcycle: lawl.

No movie sharing for NXE at launch:
Seriously, doesn't anyone see this as becoming a copyright problem if implemented?

A proposal of marriage via LittleBigPlanet: What game hasn't had this yet?

So, what's up everyone?

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