Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday news opinions

The news? Here:

1up Frature review: Yup, bleah.

A guide to Guitar Hero: World Tour Pricing: $190? Meh..

Silicon Knights 'Temporarily' lays off 26 employees:
Temporarily? Uh, okay?

Killer7's creator licensed Unreal Engine 3 for future title: Uh, k.

America's Amry influences Teen and parent to join the military: This must be the first.

LittleBigPlanet creator admits controls have room for improvement: They could be better, but it's nowhere near gamebreaking.

Reggie Assures Wii Music is deeper then it looks: Wii Music < Anything by Harmonix.

Working Calculator made in LittleBigPlanet: I find this incredible, and true proof of what can be done in LittleBigPlanet.

Nintendo points wont be transferable between Wii and DS: As seen in screwing the consumer 101.

Yet another Valve-r says they are reevaluating the PS3/Wii:
For all the foresight to make Steam, which was ahead of it's time, I really think they dropped the ball on not seeing the PS3's potential.

Muramasa: A Wii game that looks Okami-ish: It's really pretty.

Lucas Arts/Bioware project to be announced soon?: Let me guess.. Knights of the Old Republic MMORPG, that I will never play?

PS3 Fanboy's October buying guide: Just ignore Fracture...

Far Cry 2 Trophies: For those who care.

Resistance 2 Trophies: I'm not looking in fear of spoilers.

Gamestop LittleBigPlanet preorders score them a God of War level set as well: Pre Order bonuses done right... again.

skate 2's lead platform: PS3: Good news for those who care.

Rock Band official site updated to allow you to buy merchandise for your Rock Band... Band:
It's pretty awesome, but it costs a lot.

Tom Clancy's EndWar Trophies: Meh.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift vehicles:

Qore episode 5 includes demo of Valkyria Chronicles: Darn you Sony, why, why, why, must you tempt me?!?

Lego Universe MMO to include Star Wars and other Lego IP?: It would sound like a good way get more people playing.

Halo: The Cole Protocol (Book) releasing November 25th:
I'll be sure to nab a copy at some point.

Zombie Mansion FPS coming to iPhone: FPS on the iPhone? Well, I'll give it some rope, but I don't expect any miracles.

More info into the Gamespot scandal: Does anyone trust gamespot anymore?

Popstar Guitar Controller for Wii: FUGLY!

Kotaku Fracture review: Well, it seems honest.

Heavy Rain screens provide eye candy: Pwetty!

Mirror's Edge Album includes theme and remixes: As long as they have the older theme from the first trailer...

Two more, crazy-insane Mirror's Edge videos:
I really can't wait for the demo.

Kotaku Non-review review or Gears of War 2: Heh.

Saint's Row 2 Soundtrack revealed: I only know 8 of the non classic bands, but they do get bonus points for having Men at Work!

Gears of War creator likes Mirror's Edge: Who doesn't?

Arcades outside of Japan, "Practically dead": Somewhat, I live near one of the best in the US though, so it's hard for me to talk.

Gears of War skate shoes: *Shakes head and moves on*

Gears of War creator: Switching developers in the middle of a series "Soulless": I agree.

Microsoft's TGS list:
So, 2 Microsoft games there?

What is Q bringing to TGS?: Nothing wonderfully interesting.

DSi games are region locked: Nononononono Bad Nintendo.

A tour of Namco-Bandai games: *Yawn*

God of War LittleBigPlanet levels/costumes: They look awesome.

Second Metal Gear Online expansion pack coming: Sounds good, I am looking forward to the MGS3 level.

New Prince of Persia developer diary: This game is pretty.

Madworld still not playable in the US:
It will be ready when it's ready.

Lego Left 4 Dead:
No, it's not a game. You can do anything with legos.

Xbox 360 still doing well in Japan: Well, Microsoft, you've surprised me...

Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades: The only read this game exists is to make money, not to be a good idea for a game.

And there you have it.

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