Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday news opinions

Another day of TGS news...

Killzone 2 update from TGS: I want this game...

Parasite Eve: The 3rd birthday preview:
I never played the original games, but good news for those who did.

Halo 3: Recon preview: I dunno, I think it should be a download.

Final Fantasy: Dissidia preview:
So many good games, so little cash.

Microsoft denies Blu-Ray player, bashes Blu-Ray: I saw this coming...

White Knight Chronicles detailed:
That sounds amazing.

Saint's Row 2 IGN review:
About what I thought.

New Wizard class for Diablo 3:
Sounds a bit bland...

inFAMOUS update: Another game I yearn for so badly.

Square-Enix behind closed doors report:
Sounds good, I was hoping for Kingdom Hearts 3 though..

First look at Metal Gear Online MEME expansion: They need to make the first one free, so more people play it now.

Street Fighter IV preview: HAI-DU-KEN!

LocoRoco 2 preview: We love you LocoRoco!

Sony president wants PS3 AND 360 to succeed in Japan: Watch as Microsoft will then talk about how much Sony fails, in all their niceness...

OMGWTFBBQ!: Dark Knight Blu-Ray available for pre-order: WANT.

Prince of Persia Classic jumping to PSN:
Sweet, this is one of my favorite XBLA games..

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Hands-On: Kingdom Hearts, how I miss thee.

Console Diablo 3 slightly possible:
That would be nice, since I don't have a computer that could play it.

Evolution of Lara Croft: Uncharted > Tomb Raider.

New Resistance: Retribution Screens: Holy moly that looks amazing. I really can't wait.

New Street Fighter IV trailer: I wonder how well this game will do... The fighter genre kind of died, but SF is a big brand name...

Japan console sales, 360 falls, PSP rises, PS3 still on bottom: Come on PS3 JRPGs!

TimeSplitters 4 Star Wars parody pulled: Some lawyers have no sense of humor...

Seriously, that's what I mean.

PS3 chatpad still looks like crap. Headset still looks nice:
Mind you, I think the 360 Chatpad looks like crap also, but not quite as much like crap.

New Monster Hunter 3 screens: I get the feeling this game may not print as much money. But I could be wrong.

Killer7 creator hasn't given up on the Wii: Uh, k.

Gear of War 2 is now gold: For those who care. I still haven't played the original game.

What Halo 3: Recon is NOT: Hmm, sounds... okay.

Left4Dead demo coming early November: I'll be sure to try it.

Halo 3: Recon boxart: Looks better then the normal Halo 3 boxart..

Fallout 3 already leaked: *Sigh* The video game market...

Sonic the Hedgehog wishes you a S***y morning: That's creepy....

And now, I will go off and perhaps get some new games.

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