Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday News opinions

*cough* It's the first day of TGS, so there's a bit of news....

White Knight Chronicles is JRPG that innovates: A JRPG that has online and co-op? Sweet.

EndWar coming to PC much later, due to the fact that it will get "Pirated to hell": That's what's wrong with the PC gaming market.

Netfilx charging $1 extra for Blu-Ray rentals: I would say this is understandable.

Toshiba making a external Blu-Ray drive for Xbox 360?:
Haha, Blu-Ray isn't the future, we won't use Blu-Ray! Riiight....

LocoRoco 2 details:
Sounds like a worthy sequel.

Patapon multiplayer detailed: Co-Op, sounds good, but I'd love a death match mode also.

Street Fighter IV dated: Finally, but when is the US release date?

Tecmo is making, A. a game that is for PS3.. *Shock* and isn't a overly violent ninja game, or bouncy game:
I thought Tecmo hated Sony or something...?

More hints at Knights of the old Republic MMO:
Just announce it already...

Japanese LittleBigPlanet players get Ape Escape monkey: They should just make all this downloadable content later.

New Prince of Persia preview: Yes, I will say it again, this game is pretty.

Mirror's Edge comic issue 1 preview: I wonder is this will be any good?

Afro Samurai preview: This game looks very pretty.

Eternal Sonata update: Sounds good, hurray for PS3 JRPG love.

Premium themes to be available on the Playstation Store© for money: *Shock* First Qore, now this... No, Sony, No. This is really bad news for me....

Analyst calls for PS3 price drop, Sony denys it:
They are still losing money on each console sold, right? Lowering the price would be bad for them...

Qore may let you into the Home beta:
*Cries* Why, why does it have to be paid?

Final Fantasy V Hero and villain announced for Dissidia: Only 2 characters left.

New echocrome expansion pack gives almost the same amount of content as the original game: Sounds good, but with user created content, why do we need a level pack?

Scratch: Ultimate DJ beat Activision to it: Good, because they don't deseve any more money.

TapTap Revenge is a Guitar Hero like game for iPhone, and it's getting a NIN version:
Good move, except I don't like NIN.

Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop looks awful: Why is the Wii getting this, but the PS3 isn't?

Banjo Kazooie still sounds like crap to me: I never played the old games, but I heard high praise for them from friends, so why change what worked into something that sounds completely uninteresting?

Need For Speed has Cops and Robbers online: Sounds good, but the game better be good, or it will make no difference.

New Mirror's Edge trailer: Interesting idea for a trailer.

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G sells 2.5 million, officially prints money: I keep wondering if I should try this game...

Super Mario World Golf shoes exist: Someone needs to be fired, and then set on fire.

Ever wanted to buy games through Youtube? Well now you can: Uh, interesting, it shows that games are becoming much more mainstream.

LocoRoco 2 screenshots: COLURS!

First look at DS/Wii final fantasy game: Laziest developer award goes to....

Dead Rising Wii - February 2009: For those people that like crappy ports...

Patapon 2 helps make it easier to keep your groove going: Sounds good I guess.

Microsoft has over 140 demo kiosks for TGS: To show off what? Their like 2 first party games?

New Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm screens are pretty:
This game is good looking eve if you don't care for the show.

Fable 2 creator wants non gamer reviews: Does that mean he thinks that it wont get good reviews from normal reviewers?

PC game sales, September 21-27: Surprise, only 2 SIMS titles on there...

Lumines creator making new game:
Uh, okay.

There's the news for now.

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