Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday news opinions

*yawn* And now today.

Future Codemasters games will include Russian support: That's cool.

Resident Evil 5 has demo coming, also, RE2 remake?:
Sound cool for fans.

Hobbit movie news: *Wants*

Stan Lee wants to create a gay super hero: FTW!

Wall-E Blu-Ray review: Need.

THQ halving core game slate:
Nice, I will be sure to keep an eye out for their newer games.

Gamespot Call of Duty: World at War review: Uh, k.

Red Baron Arcade fate questioned:
Oh, I gotcha.

Edge of Twilight, steampunk game trailer released: Moody, quite.

Sony lays down some LittleBigPlanet laws: I can't wait to see what will come up in this game in the future.

Dissidia boxart revealed:
Hmm, it's alright.

Put the whole world in your hands, PSP ad: That's cool.

And there you go.

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