Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday News Opinions

Sorry I'm so late, the news:

Epic working on patch to fix matchmaking in Gears of War 2:
Uh, k.

Sonic Unleashed delayed for 360, PS3 date "December": I just want a demo.

World at War initial sales double Call of Duty 4's in UK: Eh....

Nintendo has plans to build an online community: A little late, Nintendo...

Xbox adding system to order games online:
Uh, k.

New Xbox Experience "a new dawn in home entertainment":
Uh... eh...

PSN = Same amount of players as XBL: Well, that's surprising...

Sony discusses LittleBigPlanet on PSP, as well as Guitar Hero, and Rock Band PSP:

1Up Left 4 Dead review:

1Up Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe review: Ehh...

IGN Need For Speed: Undercover review: Oh, well, the game sucks, I thought it might.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo Remix releasing next week:

Tecmo-Koei merge to close by April: Eh.

Game market doing well: Nation Geographic charts games division: Yeah......

O M G ! LittleBigPlanet DLC is ultra cute!:

Half of PS3 owners own a PSP as well: I'm in there!

SOE: The Agency is not canceled: Uh, I didn't know people thought it was...

Analyst: Recession could effect the PS3 sales most: It wouldn't surprise me.

Firmware 5.02 for PSP out 'soon': Uh, k.

More Guitar Hero arcade info: Hmm.

GTA IV coming to steam: Yeah...

Not enough Wii-Fits to go around this holiday season:

EA kills studio you've never heard of, gives you Bloom blox sequel: Uhhhhhhhhh, okay.

Xbox 360 Netflix offerings gutted from colombia pictures movies: Uh, k.

MGS2 Bande Dessinee on DVD: Yes, but what about a release for US?

Mobile games market has flatlined:
With the PSP, DS, and iPhone, who needs other cell phone games?

Play with Jack Play and Kyle Glass on Rock Band 2:

Xbox Live channels remind of Wii:
Uh, k.

iPhone game creator got $250,000 in first 2 months: Holy moly.

Left 4 Dead kotaku review: I like that it's cheep, but still, I kind of agree with the con.

PopCap games can go to hell: *shakes head*

Frankenreview: Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe: Eh..

Top 7 faceless game announcers: lawl.

Good Old Games gets Unreal:
You know, I really like Good old Games, they just need mac versions....

Azure Palace restored to LBP: Good.

Ultimate Band, meh: Ah....

Cops blaming video game for crap young drivers: What about the ones that are saving the world? Why can't we say McCain is only a hero because he played Pong?

2 Developers sue the recently defunct Brash for now paying up: *sigh*

EA locked 2K out from making football games?: D*** move....

Guitar Hero: World Tour not selling as well as Guitar Hero III: After the negative response to III.....

First concept art for Dues Ex 3: Uh, k.

Killzone 2 beta footage: My computer isn't letting me watch them, so you lucky ****s, have fun. :P

Latest Wii update trying to block homebrew: Wont work.

Halo MMO original given green light: That might be a good idea.

New Xbox Experience going out to people early, but only signed up people: Uh, k.

More Halo 3: Recon details, this sounds better then initially planned: That actually sounds pretty interesting.

Square-Enix searching for US dev studio: SQUARE-ENIX+ROCKSTAR! :P J/k by the way.

SEGA planning new OutRun game?: Uh, k.

Google maps, Fallout 3 edition: Heh, nice.

And there you have it.

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