Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday News Opinions

Hopefully earlier then yesterday, the news:

Killzone 2 Beta impressions: Why couldn't I get in?! T_T

Konami reveals release date for MEME expansion pack: I WANT THE END'S CAMO!!!!

Half-Life 1 now 98¢ for a time: Jeez.

Microsoft talks digital distribution with GFW:
I don't think they will take any of Steam's marketshare.

Grand Theft Auto IV DLC coming February 17th: Eh....

Activision changes boxart for BAJA after case: Seriously....

Google Lively ending this December: Yeah, I guessed this would be short lived...

WoW expansion pack sells 2.8 million in first day: O_O

ESA president on Obama's election:

Apple Pins it's hope on mobile gaming?:
It's good to see Apple start to like gaming, maybe more games will come out for Macs. :)

Gamestop sales up, profits down:
*Blink* What?

PS3 Trophies mandatory in 2009-on: This is wonderful news! Yes!

Gamespot Left 4 Dead review: Yeah..

LocoRoco LittleBigPlanet DLC out, along with free songs: Love the free content, and the LocoRoco suits, but where are the demos?

Chat with Hellboy director, via Blu-Ray:
Now, THIS is a revolution!

Home version 1.00 out for beta players now!:
I want Home so bad, so so so bad. And it's so close and yet so far...

Square-Enix looking into PSN development: Give us FF remakes, or at least PS1 Classics of them...

Meh sounding PSN game coming:
I dunno, that really just doesn't sound that great..

Sony reveals 33 titles for Japan's adhoc party: That sounds really good, I wonder what titles will support it in the US? I hope for Burnout Legends, Battlefront II, Me and My Katamari, and Gitaroo-Man Lives! Out of what I own.

European PlayStation Store update includes LocoRoco 2 demo: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMOMG!!!

Firmware 5.02 out today:
Uh, k.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix pricing announced: Right inbetween what I thought!

Italian boy is "addicted to Playstation": Whaaat?

iPhone MMO gets discount, release date: heh..

Print version of EGM may be on it's way out: Yeah....

Avatars get first paid themes:

More funny WoW ads:
Heh, nothing will beat the Mr. T one.

Latest SWG update adds Hoth battles:

Kotaku Animal Crossing Wii review: Meh.

Gamestop Black Friday deals leaked: Oh, nice, $25 4GB PSP stick, $4 for UMD movies? Want.

Vexed by Online bigots' language? Psychologists say they want you to be: Isn't that the point? *sigh*..... XBL is so terrible sometimes.

PETA beats a dead horse, and asks for veggie mama: THOU FOOLZ!

Terminator game promises to be a good movie game: It wont be.

Judge bans teen from playing games for murdering cat: Does this make sense to you?

What game should Capcom remake next?:

Jack Thompson pays up the $42,525.27 he owes:
Oh, wow.

Left 4 Dead frankenreview:

Audio only stealth game?: Wait, what?

HYPERCUBE is 3D Tetris: Wow, interesting.

If you never turn on your PS3, you will save yourself $15: Oh, okay.

SimCity coming to iPhone:
This is a really good idea.

Xbox 360 sales hit 7 million in Europe: Gj MS.

Lamest Wii controller holders yet, boxing gloves: Eww....

46% Of shoppers looking to buy consoles on black Friday: Yeah, well, it's Christmas.

Video of all Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe fatalities in the game:
Uh, k.

LittleBigPlanet getting Resistance costumes next: Very nice. Get me some PaRappa in there too.

Microsoft actively working to fix hiccups:
If they weren't people would be angry.

GTA IV buss ads are back: *Sigh*

"Exclusive" MGS4 "Limited" Edition PS3 winds up at walmart for cheaper: Exclusive hardly means anything anymore.

Black Mesa Source looks amazing: Wow, that really does look amazing.

PC version of Mirror's Edge contains better physics: That looks pretty!

There yee goes!

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