Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend News opinions

I'm uh... Back? I had visitors all weekend, with no time to use the computer. So, this will be quite large.

Spore billboard needs telescope to see: This is so awesome, in a silly way, of course.

EA wants more Japanese partners: Anything that will help Japanese games to get noticed more. Not to say that they aren't but most don't break more then cult status.

Will Wright discusses intelligent design: *sigh* Just *sigh*

PS3 Rock Band export tool coming out this week: Good news, I'll be sure to let some people know.

Qore comes with old school arcade games built in: In all honesty, this is pretty neat.

Killzone 2 Multiplayer Q and A:
Sounds good.

LittleBillBoard: More LittleBigAds!

Vampire Rain PS3 Review:
Game I have never heard more then then name review, yep, it sucks.

Kid drives ghost in soapbox derby:
How come I haven't even HEARD of a soapbox derby in a really long time?

It looks like Yahtzee has made an impression: I haven't watched it yet, but odds are, nowhere near as good as Zero Punctuation.

Guitar Praise: Most likely crap: Well, duh.

Debunking gamer 'stereo type':
It's funny what turns out to be true.

New Halo 3 achievements, hints at something else new: Give me more single player content.

Square-Enix reveals confirmed line up for TGS: This doesn't count the surprise announcements.

119 Years, the complete history of Nintendo: What, you didn't know Nintendo was that old?

What NES games would have looked like in 3D:
I love the internet... Sometimes...

Xbox 360 exclusive to require a HDD:
I still don't understand why Microsoft, who coined having consoles ship with an HDD, dropped it...

Micropayments work.... in non-games: So why do games offer level ups, and spells, which can be earned by playing, for money?

Xbox: Portable, probably just your imagination: That what I always thought, but people seem to think otherwise.

DRM: It doesn't make anyone happy:
This never made sense to me, pay more for anti-piracy that will just be cracked, while normal buyers will just be screwed.

Sonic: Unleashed boxart:
Eh, pretty bland.

RuneScape enters the guinness book of world records: Hahaha!

Top 10 Arcade games: No mention of Hydro Thunder? No mentions of Crazy Taxi, or San Fransisco RUSH? FAIL!

Insomniac to demo new Single Player footage tomorrow:
Not to the public? Doesn't effect me then.

Does the PS3 need a pricecut?: Yes. When? I don't know.

Overlord developer says that Wii needs more real games: I guess I'm not the only one to see this.

iPhone/iPod Touch versions of spore coming soon: I wonder if they will score better?

Guitar Hero World Tour graphics <> Obviously... Anyone who thought that Guitar Hero 3's character models held half a candle to Rock Band's character models, should be kicked.

Will Wright reacts to Spore reviews: Yeah, well, people like different things.

Windows Vista vs Mac OS X: *Cough* Mac OSX is better *Cough*

Microsoft tries to make gamers forget about Live Anywhere: Not a good sign. However, it's a really cool feature when it finally comes out.

Can Microsoft buy this christmas for gamers?: Probably not.

12 Games to look forward to on the Wii this year: Is it sad that 7 of these are multiplatform?

Review for the special edition Xbox 360 controller, with a better D-Pad:
I don't know HOW the current 360 D-Pad made it through testing....

LittleBigPlanet or Spore: I personally find LBP more appealing, still, that's my opinion.

No new real Mario games until at least 2010: Fail Nintendo, Fail.

PS3 Rock Band/Guitar Hero 3 guitars to finally be compatible!: It's about time. Now about Guitar Hero 2/80s support on PS3?

Are gamers going to make porn levels for LittleBigPlanet? Yes.

Reliving the Dreamcast launch: Just goes to show... If you're SEGA, you can't beat a PS2. :P

Is PC gaming dead?: Dead? Naw. On life support? Yes.

Reggie: Wii storage Solution may not be a HDD:
PANIC TIME! What's wrong with an HDD? Are we going to have to deal with something as painful as friend codes just for storage?

Metal Gear Solid 4 complete cover art collection: Ah, I love MGS4.

10 Things I now know about Spore: Seems okay, still not worth the hype, or maybe I'm just jaded.

Is Square-Enix becoming the EA of the east?: Probably not, after all, they can still make good games occasionally.

Microsoft's Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld ad, a bomb?: Looks like people didn't like the ad very much.

LittleBigPlanet to feature multiple accounts on one PS3 at once?: This is something I loved about Halo, and I am glad for any other game that uses it.

16 Relatively unknown features of the PS3: Here are some features Sony should be advertising more.

Crysis gets the force. (Star Wars mod):
Another mod that shows how awesome the modding community is.

Xbox 360 pricecut upped sales: NO S***!

Peter Jackson's Halo project to finally be revealed at.. TGS?: This seems like an odd place to show off a more western themed game...

DS game rips off Chrono Trigger song: Sad, just sad..

10 Reasons to love the PSN: Although I agree with most of the list... They mention games not out yet, and don't mention Warhawk, Everyday Shooter, of PixelJunk Monsters.

RUMORS: Sly Cooper PSP, Medal of Honor Iraq, ect:
Some of these sounds awful. Still, I NEED a PSP Sly game.

Old Snake and Dante to appear in MotorStorm Pacific Rift?: I'm all for cross overs, but this seems like an odd match, oh well. :)

Resistance: Fall of Man vs Halo 3: Resistance actually does have some stuff that Halo 3 lacks, one of which is the 'satisfied' feeling you get from mowing enemies down, that I thought Halo 3 kind of lacked. Still, Halo 3 has a tone more features, and better online.

Playstation Home, are you ready for it?:
I am, *checks E-Mail, sighs*

There you go, long enough? How was everyone else's weekends?

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