Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday news opinions

This might be the last for a few days depending on what happens while the room in which my computer is in is being worked on, I guess we'll see.

Having a talk with Deckard Cain: It's good they are using the same voice actor, even if I always thought he kind of sucked, he's a staple of the Diablo series.

Peter Moore mourns that system called the Dreamcast: Well, I guess it was just SEGA's time. Let's just hope they decide to get back into the console business someday.

Wii update brings us, (as in 'not me') Strong Bad episode 2:
It's kind of funny, the game I want most for the Wii is a multiplatform game, which is also on PC, and I also don't have a PC.

How to unlock all the Rock Band 2 songs the easy way:
Hurray for cheats!

DC Writer, Geoff Johns to provide backstory for DC Universe Online: Well, as long as it turns out alright.

WipEout HD dated for September 25th: Sooner then I would have thought, good job Sony.

Eidos racks up huge losses: Well, when Tomb Raider is the only game you have to look forward to...

GTA creators could spark bidding war over their talents: Sad.... bleah at their "Talent"

Blizard date's Litch King: For all those that care. Read: Not me.

Hands-On Mirror's Edge: Sounds interesting, I would like to get my hands on it.

Burnout Paradise bikes in action: These guys are the king of downloadable content. Hurray for Criterion!

Home video walkthrough: A video that shows all the features of Home? I think I will just wait on it.

Sonic Unleashed trailer lacks very much 2D. Be worried: Ah, Ah, Ah, bad SEGA, I would have thought you realized that people are getting excited for Sonic Unleashed not because of the werehog segments, but due to the 2D segments.

Eye of Judgment set 3 coming soon: I still need to buy this game, it looks great.

PSN cards now available at blockbuster: Good one, now when will they be available at gamestop?

Metroid Prime developers eye PS3, 360 for future games: How come I haven't heard of this before?

How to make Sackboy costume: In other words, how to be pure awesome for halloween.

RUMOR: New Bungie and Rare games to be announced next week?: I dunno sounds fishy to me.

Saint's Row has zombie mini game: Sounds like the Zombie mode in the failed 'Gangs of London'

Would you buy an Apple gaming console?: Yes.

UK finds that knives are easily accessible for purchase by kids... and so are violent video games: I still don't understand why people make a big deal about kids getting violent video games, then don't care when the same kid goes and purchases Sin City, the Saw, or ay R rated movie, no one cares...

First Need for Speed Undercover gameplay: So, EA finally let the Need for Speed team do their things and take their time, let's hope they come up with a game more like the 90s games. (You know, everything pre-underground)

Why people didn't like The Clone Wars: I can agree with this, though I think it's also due to the fact that... it sucked.

The Getaway helps Taxi drivers find their way around: Uh, okay, the driving isn't very realistic though.

Epic hard boss in Final Fantasy XI slain in 1 minute:
Okay, right then.

Confirmed: Infinity Ward to make Call of Duty 6 in 2009: Eh, doesn't effect me.

EA and Microsoft treat their Gay employees well: It's good to see a little sense in the world sometimes.

Top 10 reasons why PSU is stoked for Resistance 2:
1. Everything. 2. Everything. 3. Everything. Should I keep going?

Playstation Home game launching videos: I just want it already...

Spore is being played for millions of minutes a day: Not surprising, so is Halo and many other games.

Sony unaware of slow download speeds: Well, I have a PS3 and 360 hooked up to the same network and the 360 downloads slower, so I dunno..

I thought we were over this: Muslim Massacre back online: Can this just be over with?

Seven new Resistance 2 screenshots: November can't come soon enough.

Better then Blu-Ray disk coming from Sim2: Good luck on getting all the studios on board after that long battle with HD-DVD.

Gamer forced to change "The Gooch" gamertag: I don't mind crude gamertags being forced to change, but something like this? Whaaat?

Blend games: Resistance 2 vs Gears of War 2: personally, I think Gears 2 will have more production values, but Resistance 2 will beat it in content.

Video gaming has been growing by 10% each year, this time is was %9, and people panic: Eh, whatever.

No Trophies = No buy: I dunno if that's quite the way to look at it... More, that people will see it has trophies, and they will want to buy it more, I wouldn't NOT buy Metal Gear Solid 4 because it doesn't have trophies.

LittleBigPlanet, what could go wrong?: A lot of things, but it doesn't mean they WILL.

Killzone 2 Producer: The PS3 is a lot more future proof then you think: Should I be excited for Killzone 3? :)

Eurogamer WipEout HD review: Sounds good, now about a demo?

10 Things you didn't know about LittleBigPlanet: I prefer to be surprised.

Really interesting results on Piracy survey, go take a look: Completely worth looking at, go do it now.

More info on NEXT generation consoles: I dunno, at this point it's all rumors anyways.

LEAK: Halo Wars campaign character images: *Shrugs* I just want to try the game.

Crash of the gaming industry, will it happen again?: Maybe on the PC, but I don't think it will happen in the same way it did before on the consoles.

Blu-Ray for Xbox 360, Fact or Fiction: I think, even if it comes to 360, it will only be for movies, and will not benefit the games.

Microsoft want things their way, and not anyone else's, even if anyone else are the developers: Aren't the developers suppose to stay happy? That's what makes the wheels continue to turn...

Fallout 3, prepared to be blown away: I'm already prepared.

Attention Gamestop, those fanboys you hired are costing you:
Take notice.

EA responds to Spore DRM criticism: No apology? Fail.

LEAK: Halo Wars brute chieftain image: Fail, why are the flood, Brutes, and tons of Spartans in a prequel to Halo? That completely screws up the timeline...

And now, the Force Unleashed reviews:

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That ended up about what I thought after playing the demo.

So, I dunno when you'll next hear from me, could be tomorrow, could be a few days from now.

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