Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday news opinions (The PSP is not dead edition)

Wow, last year of high school... Crazy...

Anyways, the news today is good for the PSP, as you will see.

IGN AU Mercenaries 2 review: I like how all the reviews say it's fun. I can't wait to rent it or something.

PS3 version of Mirror's Edge to have exclusive content:
How awesome. :) The PS3 version of this game looks to be the one to pick up.

Resistance 2 to Launch November 4th:
Sounds good to me, I just hope it's great fun.

Smashing Pumpkins to debut new song on Guitar Hero:
It's funny how games have been becoming the new music industry...

PAX attendance reaches 58,000: Bravo, a show for gamers, by gamers.

Arcade version of Street Fighter IV contains almost infinite combo:

Penny Arcade episode 2 preview:
Still waiting on the first one for PSN...

Home invites are out: Phooey none for me... :(

Sackboy does the Joystiq logo: PRESS PRESS PRESS, also known as LittlebigPlanet. This is not a bad thing.

Final Fantasy XIII: Agito to release after the console versions: I see, well, don't look forward to seeing it for a while then.

Dissidia and Patapon 2 dated: Sounds good, when are they coming stateside though?

Force Unleashed PSP preview: Sounds impressive for a PSP game.

PSP Wi-Fi Playstation Store© announced for Fall:
Awesome! About time!

Final Fantasy XIII demo to be sold separately: Keyword: 'Sold'. dumbdumbdumbdumbdumb.....

Epic hitting the limits of 360: I dunno, as much as I don't believe in the 360, I think we will see it get better over time, just like the PS2 did.

Diablo III track comes to iTunes:
Woot. Now, the game please?

Line Rider coming to iPhone/iPod Touch:
Why isn't it FREE!?

Blizzard: "WoW's success = A lot of work": I'd be surprised if anyone *didn't* think this.

White Knight Story, still around: Good, good, just when is it hitting? We need more JRPGs.

Wii Weekly update, Super Mario RPG:
I wonder if we will ever see a proper sequel to this..

ScummVM, now on Wii: It's cool and all, but it's still only for the hardcore. I want a way to play it without modding something. (Mac/PC versions not included)

LittleBigPlanet, Sony's biggest game of 2008: No sheet.

New LittlebigPlanet level is scary:
I never thought of this, I wonder how many people will make scary/bloody levels..?

Mercenaries 2 PS2 review:
I will have to try this out myself sometime.

Home Invites to go out weekly: *Crosses fingers*

Mercenaries PS2 IGN review:
That sounds awful...

Blu-Ray wont last!: Yup, and neither did DVD, or VHS.

Capcom thinks PS3 is in full swing now: Good, so where is Dead Rising, and Monster Hunter 3?

Resistance 2 Multiplayer beta in October: Yet another reason to look forward...

LittleBigPlanet beta still planned for September: Yes, No, Yes, No, so what is it?

Gears of War 2 "85%-90% done": That gives them quite a bit of extra time...

Infinite Undiscovery released in the US: Bleah, 360+RPG = RRoD, no thanks.

Wii don't have the games: You just keep on screwing your hardcore fans over Nintendo, I am glad to see more people annoyed at you.

Can you spell going nowhere? (Commodore is back in town): This is just going to disappear, mark my words.

13 Most badass video game power suits: I don't agree with #1, but it's a good list.

Activision: Starcraft II - 2009: Well, at least we know.

Microsoft: Exclusives 'a little less important': Wait, what? Aren't you guys the ones throw millions of dollars around for exclusives?

Another Killzone 2 preview: I WANT THIS GAME.

360 Exclusive Guitar Hero songs: 1. It's Guitar Hero, and not Rock Band. 2. It's Metallica, and not a band I care about.

Lotsa news today, huh?

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