Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday news opinions

It's hot again! Pooh...

IGN AU Review of Spore:
Okay... I still need to try it, before I can say anymore.

More Guitar Hero: World Tour tracks:
More people I don't care about, woohoo!

Lumines comes to Japanese PSN: Give me a US demo, maybe I'll buy it.

Gamespots' The Last Guy review: Gamespot Rule: Add 1.0 to any score they give.

Xbox 360 Arcade now $200: Great Microsoft, great, now, can you work on making it NOT DIE!?

Official PS3 Headset comes with some niffty features:
Sounds good.... Wait, WHAT? A game has to support High Qualty chat for that feature to work?! Wha!?

Japan gets official Sackboy plushies: Okay America, you'd better be getting them too...

PAIN Amusement Park delayed:
Good news, because they are making the trophies more fun to get.

Savage Moon gameplay revealed: Yay for the PSN's original content!

New PSP's battery life same as old's: Good, now work on have it get more.

New Battlefield Heros trailer: *Wishes for Mac version*

Udon Street Fighter comics coming to DVD: If they are anything like the Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel, then they will be pretty cool.

Gish Creator's new game: The guy that made this game lives in my town, which is pretty cool.

Grand Theft Auto helps save family's life: See! Games are not all bad!


Samsung: Blu-Ray has 5 years: *Disagrees* It takes so long for a format to start, I think it will last longer then that.

New PS3 game has character that reminds me of Snake: More then a coincidence? Most likely.

Killzone 2 Beta, Later this year: *Wants*

E3 going public?:
It better....

Top 10 handheld Ports: Not bad, but God Of War on the PSP isn't a port.

Looks like Gabe got some sense (Valve+PS3): I just hope Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is good on the PS3.

Ten most important girls in gaming: I truly awful list. Just terrible.

Star Ocean IV an Xbox 360 exclusive after all?: Exclusive doesn't mean anything anymore...

Gosh it's hot here.

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