Friday, September 26, 2008

Catchup edition news opinions

So, yes, I've been gone a week. That's like, a lot of news. So, instead of gathering every news article, I will get the most interesting ones. Don't worry, things will be back to normal after the weekend is over.

Jack Tompson finally disbarred:
Finally, someone dealt with this nut. countdown reveals trailer of new Halo 3 project?:
I will watch it later, sounds interesting though.

Burnout: Paradise now released on playstation network: Yes, you can buy and download the entire game online....

Square-Enix confirms re: Chain of Memories PS2 US release: Consider myself sold.

Konami patents new Metal Gear Solid subtitle: Metal Gear Solid 4 special edition confirmed?

First Details on Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars:

Mega Man 9 released on PS3: 360 version coming in a week.

PAIN Abusement Park IGN review: Common PAIN team, online multiplayer, and saved replays.

Hideo Kojima Metal Gear Solid 4 afterthoughts:
Interesting read.

1up Lego Batman review: *Drools* I want remote play.

Tetris meets LittleBigPlanet:
Oh the possibilities!

Newell says Valve needs invest in PS3 development: Aha, so he finally woke up and smelt the coffee.

The Punisher: No Mercy coming exclusively to PSN: Okay, this sounds really *really* cool.

Shadow of the LittleBigColossus: This is the kind of thing that is just *far* too awesome.

Trophies to be mandatory soon?: This better be true.

Final Fantasy XIII: 80% done in some parts: Uh, k.

LA Noire one of the most expensive games ever, may come to 360 also:
No one saw this coming.....

Worldwide release date for LittleBigPlanet announced:

Proof of lowered PSP software development: Good thing 2009 looks a lot better.

The Punisher: No Mercy questions answered: Sounds fun.

Max Payne director wants to make the movie for game fans: Good, lets hope the movie is good.

Fuel producer: Our game is bigger then Burnout: Paradise: Uh, okay, but Bigger ≠ Better.

Jack Tompson's Disbarment launches gamer parties:
Now, if someone will just bar Uwe Boll from making movies..

Bungie new Halo 3 project is a campaign expansion?:
Just give me the Halo 2 E3 level... Please...

Halo MMO concepts: Mistress Chief? Ew.

Where the Wild Things Are game adaption?: Wait, when was a movie announced?

Lego Batman frankenreview: I want to try it.

Studio Ghibli helping with a game?: I would be horribly excited, except that it's on DS.

Details on SEGA's mystery RPG: DS, meh.

Valve would love to do MMOs, and DS games: Uh, okay...

Peter Molyneux bashes PS3: I do wonder what his answer to that question would be.

EA interested in Left4Dead PS3: Just confirm it already.

Valve: Team Fortress 2 updates not coming to PS3: I thought so...

Choose between 2 meh boxarts for Street Fighter IV: Eh....

Resistance 2 being MMO sensibilities to the world of Co-Op: Eh, I kinda just wish it was like the first game.

Analyst: GTA: Chinatown Wars coming to iPhone: I doubt it, I kinda think Nintendo paid them...

Ghostbusters game's future thrown up into the air: Oh come on, this is going to sell, surely someone will agree to publish it...?

Ensemble Studios shocked by closure:
Microsoft.... *pfft*

Ps3 version of Final Fantasy XIII wont be dumbed down due to 360 version:
I am not convinced.

UK retailers listing Left4Dead PS3: Oh just confirm it...

PS3 firmware 2.5 coming, along with Home 1.0?: *Please!*

First GTA: Chinatown Wars screens: Ew. This looks worse then expected.

Portal clone made for... Commodore 64:
Will wonders never cease....

Is new Microsoft first party studio a Halo dev for a new Halo game?:

Kotaku Rock band 2 Review: Sweet, I need to try it.

Okay, so I am leaving for the weekend, so this should hold you over until it's over.

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