Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday news opinions

I'm back, for another day! I don't know if I'll be here tomorrow or what, but I guess we'll see.

Yakzu 2 review: Now that one japanese game that has been out years in Japan came over, can we see some others?

LittleBigPlanet's Sackboy comes to PAIN:
This is just too awesome. You heard me.

Blue Dragon DS coming to America, no one cares: Meh.

Life with Playstation available now: Nice, it's pretty nifty.

Mirror's Edge lands in November, demo incoming:
Sweet, PC version pushed back, but console versions will hit this year.

New Prince of Persia game release date revealed: This game looks so pretty... Too bad I will end up hating it.

Line Rider 2 DS review: Why pay for something you can get for free?

IGN iPhone The Force Unleashed review: Better then I thought.

IGN to get new look today: Interesting, I've been around to see most of those.

Top 10 things IGN wants in a Knights of the Old Republic MMORPG: Sounds good to me.

Hendrix getting his own Guitar Hero game?:

Gamespot's Crysis Warhead review: Even gamespot liked it...

Cuts from Diablo III interviews: I still think it should look more sinister.

Playstation Store© update: Contains Fracture, Merceanries 2, and Life with Playstation, quite a good update if I do say so myself.

LittleBigPlanet trophies revealed: Pretty cool. :)

Fable creator says that PS3 is waiting for a defining game, suggests LittleBigPlanet:
Wow, you just earned some points from me, I expected you, like all the other Microsoft developers, to trash every other system.

1 Hour long arcade game infomercial, that's supposedly awesome: Er, okay, I don't feel like watching it, but hey!

Left 4 Dead on DS?: I am fairly sure this was just a mistake, bleah...

Colbert as a Rock Band rocker: Sweet, now I just gotta borrow the game again to play it.

Miyamoto to receive award for defining gaming today:
Bleah, more like, defining casual and shovelware games....

Spore DRM versus Steam DRM: Interesting read. Definitely Steam has the upper hand.

Hayao Miyazaki doesn't play games:
He should try and play Valkira Chronicles, that looks like something he would make.

Tom Clancy games coming to the Wii at some point...: Until then, be content with shovelware from Ubisoft.

id Software try to explain why nothing was cut from RAGE due to 360: So, nothing was cut, they just had to not make what they original had in mind, you know, sort of like cutting...?

Rock Band: AC/DC is an expansion pack:
Ah good, I'm glad some people have some sense...

Activision boss: Guitar Hero is dominating the competition:
In what? Games released? Quantity doesn't mean quality. And my dear sir, quality is something you will never have.

"Shocking announcement" Coming frmo White Knight Story developers, September 26th:
No idea, feel free to guess.

Gamestop: "PC sales are decreasing":
Pfft, I never would have thought, not with all the piracy or anything...

Not all BioShock PS3 content free?: This is a kick in the pants, though overall, I will still buy it for PS3, just because the PS3 is a more reliable system overall, I'll only buy 360 exclusives games for 360.

The 32 best Xbox 360 games:
That header makes me wince.

Diablo III Havok physics details:
I guess you learn something every day, I didn't know this.

Activision does something right: Guitar Hero guitars as preorder bonus:
'Much as I hate to admit it, this is a really good preorder bonus, still, I'm not buying the game though. :P

SOCOM beta patch finally available:
I'm guessing if you are playing the beta, this seemed like forever.

The impact of White Knight Story: Well, it will be one of the first JRPGs on PS3, so it's bound to to pretty well.

Rockstar: "We haven't announced a date for GTA IV expansion": Was Microsoft talking out of their *** then?

Peter Moore: "My words were twisted to sound like I didn't care about the RRoD": Everyone's words are twisted by the press, though, in this instance, Microsoft didn't seem to want to do anything about it for a while.

IGN: "What we want in God Of War III": *Yawn*

Pete Moore: "When Nintendo announced the Wii-Mote, I said 'What they hell is that'.": I STILL say what the hell is that. It's ugly as hell.

20,000 Invites to LittleBigPlanet beta going out in US: Oh, pretty please, can I get in this beta?

Why Google should buy Valve: Number one reason, so they can get into the industry.

Is the Nintendo lawsuit over motion sensing technology real, or just patent trolling?:
I would say patent trolling, but you never know...

Myst creator warns against starting a MMO: Well, it seems not many companies can get it right, *coughBLIZZARDcough*

PS3 Firmware 2.43 does more then advertised: Well, it still doesn't effect me.

Sony: Two coming releases to break the sound barrier: Uh, okay?

Sony Shares take a hit: Wait till after the holidays.

iPhone a revolution for game design says Arkane Studios: Well, it seems more original then the DS's control scheme...

Why DRM is going nowhere: The number one reason in my opinion, is the fact that, it makes pirating look a lot better, when it cripples your options with the game.

Sony still has some secret projects: Well duh, what company doesn't?

Top Xbox 360 games for downloadable content: Beautiful Katamari better not be on there...

New Resistance 2 trailer: I dunno if I want to spoil anything...

Early What's Weekly Updates this week:
Contains no info on new DLC, I care not. (Removal of Big Team Battle = Fail)

And that's all folks!

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