Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday news opinions

One more day, and the same thing follows; I don't know if I will be able to post tomorrow, or whatnot, I may, I may not, we'll see.

Diablo 3 info:
No locked chests? hmm..

Guitar Hero World Tour to contain MIDI importer: Nice, still, I am not buying this.

EA is releasing Madden '09 in... Japan?:
Who's going to buy this?

Valve not being bought by Google: I must have missed the news that they might be...

EA addresses one Spore DRM concern, leaves the rest:
Eh, one down, many more to go...

Facebook style tagging system in LittleBigPlanet:
Uh, okay, I just want the game.

Sony/David Jaffe sued over God of War story: Probably coincidence, maybe not.

Sam and Max make their way to Wii October 7th: Woot, now, when will they find their way to PSN?

250,000+ People have bought Castle Crashers:
Good job indie devs!

id Software on... Storytelling: The creators of Quake and DOOM on story telling? Okay..

"Spending your energy on something you love is a great way to live":
Ah yes, I agree completely.

Gamespot's Rock Band 2 review:
Remember add 1.0 to their score to get the real score.

Home preview: *Cries* Why did I have to not make it into the beta..?

Gearbox: Reason for delay of Brothers in Arms was PS3 unfamiliarity: Makes sense, though, Sony should have helped them.

White Knight Story coming Christmas Day in Japan: Not the best business decision, but an interesting decision nonetheless.

WOOPS: Life with Playstation was downloadable... for a minute:
Darn, I wish I had downloaded it...

LittleBigPlanet beta happening after all: Why don't they just give it a demo, seriously, at this point, it seems like not much could be changed before it came out anyways.

RUMOR: Super Stardust Portable coming november: Awesome, though I am more looking forward to the PSP version of Everyday Shooter.

Why the 360 shipped without a Hard drive, while the PS3 did: Kinda funny, developers hate the architecture of the PS3, but love the space, and HDD... It's like Sony wanted to make up for the complex architecture. Microsoft made simpler architecture, but very little space, and no standard HDD.

First look at Uwe Bolls new.. Video game?!?!: UWE BOLL!!!!?!?!?!

Idiot teens that should be getting professional help charged with murder of Xbox: Fail, watch the press blame video games now...

Harmonix team appearing on Colbert report tonight: WOOT!!!

Timesplitters 4 might appear on Wii: More platforms = Less quality.

Guitar Praise unboxed: Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew.

Home drops music and video sharing:
Is anyone surprised?

Activision might be interested in Rockstar's talent:
I don't really care, except that I want Activision to start doing badly.

Portal Prelude, why you love the modding community: This is pretty sweet. Too bad I don't own a PC.

Kotaku franken review: The Force Unleashed: 'Twas an interesting read.

Modern games reboxed for the '70s: This is awesome.

A mac game worthy of note?!: I'll have to download this later!

Peter Moore: Rare's skills "Not applicable today":
I kind of hanve to agree, they haven't made anything worthy of note these days...

Nintendo haven't decided what they are showing at their own conference yet: Whaat?

360 Beats out the Wii in Japan for a week: Crazy, I wonder why the sky isn't red yet.

DJ Hero actually coming out: Okay, for those that "3 times the Guitar Hero content" wasn't enough.... I wonder how many other "Hero" franchises they will make and milk?

News about paid advantage in Call of Duty isn't quite as bad, still bad however: Bad Activision. Stop it with all the money.

Another rumor of Beyond Good and Evil being rereleased for $9.99: Damn, they'd better...

Activision to introduce a subscription for downloadable content for hardcore players: Eh, As long as you get to keep the content if you cancel a subscription...

Sonic 2 HD tech demo released: Can you spell A-W-E-S-O-M-E?

Crysis Warhead has an install limit: More DRM BS...

The Force Unleashed PS3/360 comparison: Screw these comparisons, the differences are so small now, that it's just flamebait.

Five people who could replace the Master Chief: lawl.

LEAK: Crysis Warhead leaked: Just another day in the video game industry...

Not everyone is smart enough to play LittleBigPlanet (video): Not everyone could play the Incredible Machine either...

MotorStorm Pacific Rift vehicles revealed: I <3 href="">Spore DRM trained legions of pirates: Not surprising, you can't piss people off, and expect nothing to happen.

Do Americans make better games?: My answer: No. I think it's pretty balanced around the world, different types of games are better made in different parts of the world.

Fable creator didn't like Too Human:
Not many people did...

Resistance 2 Splicer footage:
(Didn't watch) That's the gun that rips people apart, right?

Japan moves 86,708 copies of Infinite Undiscovery in one week:
Didn't that game suck? Should be worried about standards?

Bionic Commando: Rearmed developers called 'Arseholes' by competitors: If you're angry at someone else making a better game and charging less, you have insecurity issues. Seriously, if you think no one will buy your game because of that, then your game isn't as good, simple as that.

FACTS about Life with Playstation: I'd just like to take a look, how long will I have to wait?

Look back at the beginning of the Playstation era: I sadly didn't get a PS1 until like 2000, and Didn't get a PS2 until 2003.

RUMOR: Lots of Microsoft announcements next week:
I told you, it's always "next week".

Crysis coming to consoles? Crytech looking for PS3 talent: One would hope, I don't have a PC to try it.

Developer: "Color different between PS3-360 is like Good LCD-Plasma": Okay...

Why Sony decided against Microsoft's no Hard drive policy: Sounds like PR stuff anyways.

New Dissidia scans: Just give us a US release date...

Bionic Commando producer: "BioShock was easy as hell": I kind of agree that games these days have gotten far to easy.

Capcom developer: 'Kojima needs to put clams on himself': This is hard to think about, because if he cut down the length of the cutscenes, the story wouldn't feel anywhere near as intricate, but it would attract more gamers....

New version of FragFX appearing at TGS:
For those PS3 gamers who prefer the mouse.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe silent on White Knight Story release date: Let's just hope it's not too far off...

Mirror's Edge jumping to 2009?:
It looks like the Parkour themed game, Mirror's Edge may be getting delayed, if a few sites are telling the truth.

Wii hacked to run pirated games: Why? It's not like Wii games are that expensive or anything...

Dead Space achievements revealed: For those who care.

Yet another Resistance 2 vs Gears of War 2 article: As if we haven't been over this before...

Edge's How consoles die: Interesting read, RIP Dreamcast.

Burnout bikes only hours away:
Woot, I wish I owned the game.

PS3 Alone in the Dark hands on: Great news for potential buyers.

There, another day, another list of news. Who knows when the next news list will be, be it tomorrow, be it today, we'll see.

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