Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday News Opinions

Finally got some shopping done, and got out of the house.

[Lawsuit] Company drops lawsuit over Scrable clone:
Well, this is one lawsuit that's not completely ridiculous.

[Review] Famitsu White Knight Chronicles review: This is worrisome.

[Analyst] Analyst says Music games are still going strong:
Uh, by all accounts I've seen, they are not.

[Voice Actors] Batman: Arkham Asylum to have good voice tallent, including some fan favorites: Mark Hamill is a really good voice actor. I think this will be good.

[Stars] Pirates of the Caribbean director directing Second Life movie:
Ehhhhhhhhhh. *Stench of crap face*

[GTA] Take-Two sign Rockstar for longterm: Best move you could have done Take-Two.

[Free] Crysis: Warhead multiplayer free for 10 days: How nice. :)

[Awesome] Phil Harrison wants to prove Activision wrong:
Do it, they need to be laughed at.

[Politics] New tax may include DLC: BadBadBadBadBadBad.

[Article] What does a real Parkour follower think of Mirror's Edge: That's a pretty cool read.

[Interview] Interview with Katamari, and Noby Noby Boy creator:
This Guy = God.

[Article] 1up's Games of 2009:

[Preview] Resident Evil 5 preview IGN:
Uh, k.

[Review] Rock Band 2 Wii IGN review: Not bad Harmonix.

[Article] Best ___ of 2008 from IGN: Okie dokie.

[Article] IGN's History of Zelda: Link to the Past = Best Zelda game.

[Article] UMass launches DIY PS3 supercomputing site: Uh, k.

[Date] Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 2 hits PSN tomorrow: Sweet!

[iPhone] Lode Runner comes to iPhone: Yeah, I think I need to get an iPhone.

[Deal] Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars gets more features+Price drop: After playing the demo, I still can't recomend this game.

[Home] Asian Home update brings tons of game rooms: But, I want some game rooms....

[Screenshots] New Screenshots of a game that sounds really interesting: Wow, uh, interesting.

[Video] Direct Feed Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep trailer: Sweet.

[Sales] Take-Two not loved by market:
Make some more Max Payne, Oni, and Myth ****it.

[DRM] Spore can now be reinstalled: Fail, that took way too long.

[Patch] Far Cry 2 PC patch allows for REAL widescreen: *Cough*

[EA] EA lies about Dead Space being banned:
Baaad PR EA, bad PR...

[Date] Patapon 2 to be released 'early 2009': Cool, by then, perhaps I will have played the first.

[Charts] Top 10 sellers vs top 10 talked about: Latter list is cooler.

[Wii] Take-Two: 'Wii Viable platform for M games': I would think even with the install base they would sell better on PS3/360.

[iPhone] Metal Gear Solid Touch may be a rail shooter: Well, if anyone can do it right, Kojima can.

[Article] Kotaku: 'Square-Enix doesn't care about what you think': I have to agree.

[Delay] Fable II's DLC delayed...: *Sigh* Fable II has been doing terribly with DLC it seems.

[Demo] US Resident Evil 5 demo coming "Early 2009": Issat PS3, or 360?

[LBP] LittleBigPlanet user makes 'game of life' in LBP:
That is simply stunning.

[Art] Grilled Cheese Colossus: That is awesome :)

[Events] Sony Online Entertainment decking the halls for their MMOs: That's the awesome thing about MMOs.

[Article] 2008 the year of the horse:

[Announcement] New Riddick game coming as well: Good, I guess.

[News] Adam Sessler promoted: Eh, I never liked him.

[Review] Kotaku Valkria Chroniciles review: *Want*

[Crime] Halo 3 shooter to plead insanity: *sigh* it goes to show that Halo fanboys are the worst.

[PR] Microsoft claims that less then 1% of 360 buyers are affected by disk scratching: Didn't they say something similar about the RRoD?

[Lawsuit] Nintendo and Nkko settle wireless nunchuck lawsuit: *Sigh*

[Video] Madworld trailer: The style is cool, but the concept seems eh.

[Sales] 360 has outsold PS3 in western europe: Uh, k.

[Sales] Australia hands out money, games get bought: I suppose that's what they wanted, no?

And there you have it.

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