Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend-Monday News Opinions

Oh, THIS is bound to take a while...

[MMO] Square-Enix was interested in a PS3 Final Fantasy XI: I see, Oh, well..

[Home] PlayStation Home may be coming December 17th: The only problem I see, is just having so many people walking around it's hard to even get anywhere.

[Rumor] Factor 5 in trouble?:
I guess this means no LAIR2.

[Joke] Atlus jokes about game announcements leaks through ESRB: Hahahaha

[Ew] Rock Band to offer country songs this week: Noooooooooooo!!!!!

[Patch] GTA IV PC patch coming: That's right, suck up and deal with it.

[Demo] Burnout Paradise PC demo contains full city, and events: And just how big of a download is the demo?

[Atari] Phil Harrison: "More PSP games coming": You know, even though he doesn't work for Sony anymore, he's still awesome.

[Date] Halo Wars release date: March 3, 2009: Halo Wars < href="">
[Review] Mushroom Men - The Spore Wards 1up review: Better luck next time.

[Article] IGN: best LittleBigPlanet user created levels: Sweet, I will have to come back and look at this when I get the game.

[Movie] Watchman trailers Muse or Smashing Pumpkins: I would watch the trailers but my computer is slowwwwww.

[Review] Everyday Shooter PSP IGN review: FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL.

[Review] iPhone Brothers in Arms review: Oh, well.

[Sales] Wii sells 800,000 units over thanksgiving week:

[Preview] Afro-Samurai preview:

[DLC] Street Fighter LBP DLC shown: That'z cute!

[Analyst] Analysts predict lower Sony sales:
Analysts... huh?

[Magazine] GTA IV. LBP and Home among Time's picks of the year: Cool. I notice there are no Wii games there.

[Screenshots] New Killzone 2 screens: *Drool*

[Sales] Top 5 best selling games in Japan for PS3: MGS4 ftw.

[News of the Week] Dissidia has custom editable replays feature: This is just awesome.

[Article] MotorStorm: Pacific Rift picture taking 101:
That's an awesome picture.

[Article] Inside the Killzone 2 press event: Those a pretty Screenshots.

[Comic] A look at the Mirror's Edge comic: Looks... like a comic.

[Sales] Gears of War 2 - 3 Million sold:

[Lawsuit] Microsoft sued over 360 scratching disks: Dear Microsoft: Fix your console.

[GH/RB] Guitar Hero is peaking:
I am over Guitar Hero, the people I know are over Guitar Hero, I still like Rock Band however.

[Features] Skate 2 takes a leaf out of Tony Hawk's books:

[Preview] Need for Speed Undercover iPhone version Preview:
That does look *really* nice for a iPhone game.

[Mods] Bloom Blox level creator makes for some interesting retro levels: Donkey Kong!

[Free] Intel gives PC Far Cry 2 gamers 2 extra DLC missions for free: Uh, cool.

[E3] NCsoft leaves ESA: Uh, k.

[Review] Lips Kotaku review: Eh....

[Fail] Soulja Boy getting his own game: Lkghdfjgkhdgkjdfhgkjdfgldsgkslfksd.

[Article] 2008: The year of the casual gamer?: First and last I hope.

[Press Release] This is the best press release ever:

[Features] Madworld has multiplayer:
Uh, that's interesting.

[Hint] Microsoft Exec wants Crackdown 2: I heard the first game was terrible.

[E3] Microsoft taking E3 seriously this year:
I predict: Sony and Microsoft will have killer displays, while Nintendo teases Wii Music 2 or something.

[Date] Tenchu 4 PSP dated: Uh, k.

[Wii] Wal-Mart promising tens of thousands of Wiis: Uh, k.

[Statistics] There are more elderly gamers then you think: Oh, what?

[Creations] Someone made Pong out of a shoebox: Oh hax.

[Awesome] Interviewer gets birthday messages from Snake, Otacon, Niko Bellic, and Duke Nukem: This is all kinds of awesome.

[Free] Free video game to spread AIDS prevention message in Kenya: That's interesting.

[Piracy] Game companies talk about piracy:

[Ad] Lexus ad is ****:

[Article] Trends of Multiplayer games: This is a pretty good read.

[Joke] How to design characters the Square-Enix way: Heh, not all Square characters are that way..

[Study] Guitar Hero inspiring british kids to play real guitar:
Isn't that true of Rock Band as well?

[Follow Up] GameStop NOT buying British gaming:
Ah, good.

[Article] How to save video gamer journalism:
Heh, hehehe.

[Piracy] Spore most torrented game of 2008:
'Yay DRM'

[Stars] Ludacris likes his games: Heh, I would listen to it, but my computer is being annoying.

[MMO] Why Age of Connan tanked: That's interesting, but sounds detailed.

[IRL] Photo Comparison Fallout 3 vs Reality: Interesting. I remember seeing a lot of grey and brown.

[Lego] Lego statues of 8bit characters: That's pretty nifty.

[Article] Looking for free indie games?: It's hard to give something that is free though...

[Announcement] NetDragon announces Disney Fantasy Online: Is this to try and steal Kingdom Hearts players?

[Piracy] Bigtime pirate is an idiot, lets 2 year old son wander into intersection: Fail.

[Interview] Interview with Patapon creator: Seems like a cool guy.

[Joke] Tourette's guy as the tank: BOB SAGET!

[Ad] 80s NES ad will give you nightmares: W T F?

[Art] 3D Nintendo art is pretty cool:
It's interesting I suppose.

[ESRB] What does ESRB think of the Animal Crossing accidental slur?: Yeah, I agree.

[Crime] Boys hang kitten with game controller, Sheriff blames GTA: You know, because that happens so much in GTA....

[Video] Video of LittleBigPlanet-y Lumines: Sackboy!

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