Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday News Opinions

Again, another day passes, I am sick, and PaRappa still hasn't arrived yet..

[MMO] Star Wars: The Old Republic using already existing MMO engine:
Uh, I guess that's good?

[Patch] It looks like Harmonix is going out of their way to make the RB mic work with Lips: I love Harmonix.

[Announcement] Dragon Quest IX coming to DS March 28th, a total rip off:
The game just costs $12 more then other DS games, just so they can make more money....

[Joke] Dissidia potions hit stores, and are nasty: Haha, that's silly.

[Home] First screens of Home Red Bull content: That looks fine. I was worried they'd go overbaord.

[Patch] Left 4 Dead cheaters being stopped via patch: Yeah, eat **** cheaters.

[RB/GH] Viacom claims Rock Band is more attractive to music industry: Good, and it should stay that way.

[Article] 1up's Games of 2009: Interesting.

[Announcement] Dragon Quest X coming to Wii: *Ahem* Sellout *Ahem* good thing I never liked those games.

[Interview] Interview with one of the SSF2THR creators:
Good read, and insight into the game.

[Review] Grand Theft Auto IV PC review: Did 1up finally realize that game is crap?

[Home] Home release date confirmed:
Tomorrow? Crazy!

[Confirmation] Mirror's Edge sequel still likely: Very good news.

[DLC] Fallout 3 DLC detailed: Not on PS3 = Not care.

[Studio] Game Mechanics open shop: Hmm, interesting.

[Analysts] Analysts: Recession to inhibit game innovation: Well, THAT'S not good...

[LBP] LittleBigPlanet getting PAIN and x-mas themed costumes: Sweet!

[Sony] Sony hopes Heaveny Rain will appeal to the casual audiences as well: If it's **** good it will.

[Video] Video shows Watchman director in Home: Interesting.

[Japan] White Knight Chronicles prequel manga is out in Japan:
Uh, k.

[Home] Upcoming Home content shown at London media day:
That sounds truly awesome.

[Today's Best News] Dissidia's story mode is 40 hours long: This game is now even higher on my 'to buy' list.

[Sony] Sony to fully support DJ Max Fever in US:
If they did this with more games, more people would work with them.

[PSN] Crash Commando coming to PSN:
Uh, ok..

[DLC] Resistance 1 map packs going free: Hell yeah Insomniac!

[Home] Home launches tomorrow, here are some details:

[360] New Xbox Experience *Shudders* brought more downloads and internet use:
Uh, yeah.

[DS] More books coming out for DS: *Sigh* I never understood why people don't just read normal books...

[Wii] Nintendo making Wii-Ports of 2 more GC games: MAKE SOME NEW **** NINTENDO!!!!

[360] The next Xbox Originals are lame: Where is Stranger, Beyond Good and Evil, Battlefront, and KOTR?

[Review] Brothers in Arms iPhone review: Well, I want to try it.

[IRL] NYU offering degree in games: Didn't I hear this doesn't mean anything a while ago?

[Wii] Google's most searched product list contains lots of Wiis: Uh, ew.

[Free] Free holiday theme for New Xbox Experience: Microsoft giving away something free? That's a new one..

[Fail] Sci-Fi's fail list of 2008 overrated games: Not really a great list, I think.

[Anniversary] HAVOK turns 10:
Uh, cool...

[RUMOR] Zune Phone or Xbox Zune Announcement coming at CES?: Ew, I hope not.

[Article] How Skate plans on not becoming Tony Hawk's Pro Skater: Step one, add Skitching.

[Movie] Dragonball movie trailer: Why do things like this happen?

[Nintendo] Nintendo: A character in Animal Crossing is disturbing:
Uh, wow... wow.

[Leak] New photos and gameplay of Prototype leaked: Uh, k, This < inFAMOUS.

[Rumor] UGO to buy 1UP?:
Maybe they will get better?

[Mods] Wii Homebrew Channel updated to 1.0: Those hackers, tsk tsk.

[MMO] Star Wars: The Old Republic to be transaction based:
Holy crap, that makes me want to play it.

[Stars] Steven Spielberg loves Rock Band, doesn't like cutscenes:
That's... Strange?

[PC] Mirror's Edge with and without new graphics: PC version looks better, but wiat until they announce DRM, and ship with tons of bugs.

[Tease] Fable creator to tease 2 new projects tonight: Wow, the hype machine begins that will ensure that all of his games will be considered disappointments.

[Tests] People using Wii-Mote to test motor skills learning:
Wow, uh k.

[EA] EA: "We've got work to do on the Wii": OH NO! MORE SHOVELWARE!

[Digital Distribution] Rockstar puts entire catalogue on Metaboli:
Uh k.

[Sony] Sony Interested in downloadable PS2 games:
I prefer to have the actual disks, but I would buy things like Marvel vs Capcom 2, because that costs so much.

[Sales] Microsoft thinks they doubled PS3 sales November: PR bull****.

[Video] Strong Bad Episode 5 trailer:
Yay SB!

And there you go.

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