Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday News Opinions

*Sigh* That's it, I am sending the hounds out after PaRappa.

[PR] Epic VP: Second is the new first: How's that for PR Bull****?

[Review] Sonic Unleashed IGN PS3 review:
Eh, oh, well.

[Analyst] Analyst: 'EA needs to take core products and put them on Wii: Noooo!!!

[Insult] CNN calls PS3 a sinking ship: Hahafail.

[Features] Details on Final Fantasy XIII/Versus XIII: They are cool and all, but I want them to come out so we can move onto FFVII Remake/Kinggom Hearts 3/ ect....

[Canceled] Need for Speed may be cut from EA's lineup:
I agree with this article, this is stupid, right before they were going to do things the right way...

[Deal] Team Fortress 2 $10 on Steam this weekend: Nice, I guess...

[Forward] Wii and Ps2 versions of Rock Band 2 coming earlier then expected:
Cool, but it's not for me.

[DLC] Free and Premium Fable II DLC coming December 22nd: Uh, k

[Article] Making Afro Samurai from a Anime to a game: Pretty....

[Review] iPhone seems to be getting some killer games:
I guess Apple did hit it right. Now where are our computer games?

[Review] A Vampyre Story review: Yeah, well I'd like to try it...

[Sales] Guitar Hero: World Tour sales down quite a bit from Guitar Hero 3:
Take that Activision.

[Sales] Lich King dominates PC games sales charts: Anyone didn't see that coming?

[Preview] Wheelman preview: This is going to suck I can feel it.

[Patch] PixelJunk Eden getting patch to make it easier: Sweet!

[Steam] Steam update includes overlay browser:
That's cool..

[Politics] PA. Task force discourages video game legislation: Common sense wins in the end.

[Article] Final Fantasy outdated before it releases: Hmm, I don't really agree.

[KATAMARI] Katamari now on iPhone, time to celebrate: NA NA, NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA KATAMARI DAMACY!

[IRL] Another old gamer, this time from Britain: That's awesome :)

[Patch] GTA IV PC patch makes more problems:

[Lawsuit] MGS theme left out of MGS4 due to legal issues:
First, it's still in the game, second, it wasn't used at all in the first game, it was used for the menu trailer in MGS2, and used for like 10 seconds in MGS3, so it's not like it was heavily used or anything.

[Art] Super Mario Brothers room is awesome:
That's pretty cool.

[Kojima] Hedio Kojima hanging with Infinity Ward: :)

[Steam] Steam DirectX stats: Uh, k.

[Article] Does PC gaming make you more productive?: The answer: It depends.

[Rumor] Is Disney going after EA?:
I wonder if that would be a good or a bad thing..

[Music] Still Alive performed in Music video (Mirror's Edge Theme): I'm surprised she hasn't hit the US charts, she's better then a lot of the **** that gets on it in the US...

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