Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday News Opinions

Still sick, and waiting for a package in the mail that is being late...

[Announcement] EGM covers new X-Men Origins: Wolverine game: I would love a better version of X2: Wolverine's Revenge, because as bad as that game was, I had a whole lot of fun with it.

[DRM] Red Alert 3 gets patch and allows you to De-authorize the game on a computer: Stupid, stupid, stupid...

[Limited Edition] Street Fighter 4 gets Collector's Edition:
Uh, k.

[Date] Killzone 2 release date: February 27th: I want it, day one.

[LBP] PSN Lumines gets LBP skin:

[Feature] Riddik game to have pitch black multiplayer mode: Interesting, though it sounds a little unbalanced.

[Article] 1up's Games of 2009: Yup.

[MGS] Next Metal Gear game gets green light?: What?

[Movie] Punishing War Zone IGN review: Eh, about what I thought.

[Movie] Planet Terror review: I want to see this at some point.

[Nintendo] Wii, two years later:
See, how very little has changed.

[Article] IGN: Where are these games on PSN?: Yeah, I agree with some of those, though a lot I haven't heard of.

[Bond] Bizarre are at work on Bond game: Uh, that's a strange combination, unless it's 007: Racing 2.

[Delay] Lumines PSN delayed for US: Yep.

[Sales] Midway in deep ****: Poor Midway....

[Preview] Afro Samurai gamespot preview: I still love the art style.

[Compliment] Phil Harrison hearts Home: We still love you Phil..

[Sales] Japanese PS3 sales go up 100% from week to week:
Oh, wow.

[PSN] Fantasy action game, Trine, coming to PSN:
By the trailer, that looks really awesome.

[Green] Greenpeace = Sony is 'significantly greener' then Microsoft or Nintendo: Woot!

[Features] Killzone 2 new guns shown, date announced: Sweet!

[Activision] Real DJ says he's featured in DJ Hero: *Sigh*

[GTA] GTA: Chinatown wars will use the touch screen extensively:

[Video] REAL Batman: Arkham Asylum trailer: That actually looks pretty cool.

[Rickroll] Chrono Trigger composer never heard of Rick Astley:

[Compatibility] Lips mic will be compatible with Rock Band 2.. someday: Uh, k..? Isn't it just a mic?

[Review] Kotaku WoW: WotLK review:

[Stars] Sigourney Weaver not in Ghostbusters game: Uh, k.

[GTA] GTA IV: Episode 1 will premiere on Spike VGAs: Uh, k

[Preview] PS3 chatpad preview: Eh, I still think it's ugly.

[Politics] Gears of War meets politics:

[Movie] Dragonball movie's title evolves, movie still looks like ****: Ew...

[Video] New Red Faction: Guerilla trailer: Please, just a demo.

[Joke] That freakish GTA IV concept art with 6 fingers is fixed: *Shakes head*

[SEGA] SOMEONE in the world is interested in gaming implant chips: That's too freaky, thank you.

[Junk] Gears of War RC vehicle sucks: Haw.

[Activision] Acitivision boss 'second best CEO of the year': CEO of turds maybe...

[Tech] New tech for Wiimote?: Uh, let's hope not, I think the add on is enough.

[Take Two] Take Two: We are cautiously optimistic too: Translation: We're ****ED!!!

[Crime] Nintendo nerd wanted for bank robbery:

[GameStop] GameStop going to the UK:
Psst, UK, brace yourselves....

And there you go.

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Jarrod "gruz" Ford said...

That new Red Faction Giant Hammers trailer is really disappointing... Honestly the game doesn't look very good, and I had high hopes for this one.

What has Volition been doing for all these years? Have they still been making games?