Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday News Opinions

Again, PaRapa's 'not' appearance angers me....

[News of the Day] EA picks up Brütal Legend: That's good news to wake up to!

[PR] Ubisoft: Ratings don't mean everything:
Translation: We are going to screw you over with crap games.

[MMO] You can now buy fake money for real money in Everquest legitimately: Ew.

[Closure] Activision Japan closing: Oh wellz.

[Insult] As normal, Microsoft insults the competition, without looking at themselves: **** you Microsoft.

[Video] First gameplay video of Star Wars: The Old Republic:
Looks like KOTOR.

[Sony] Sony and Leve-5 to hold secret White Knight Story party: Only a 100 gamers invited?

[Sony] Sony: No plans for PSP2:
PR Bull****.

[GH] Guitar Hero: Metallica details emerge: Dear Activision, I hate you.

[Interview] Jim Lee on DC Universe Online: Good ol' Jim Lee.

[Preview] IGN Heavy Rain preview:
Sounds crazy.

[Preview] Lord of the Rings: Conquest preview: Sounds sweet.

[Article] Look back at 2008 for the Wii: Nintendo prints money and doesn't give a **** about you who bought their console.

[Article] IGN: Beatles game wishlist:
Sounds about right.

[Review] iPhone getting more good games:

[EA] EA having troubles:
Poor EA, they don't deserve it.... Now, Activision on the other hand.

[Leaked] Leaked trailers of Final fantasy XIII and Versus XIII: That looks sweet.

[Movie] The Dark knight fastest selling Blu-Ray: Not surprising.

[Delay] Lumines & Savage Moon delayed: Aw...

[Home] Sony: We're working on it: Goodstuff.

[Delay?] Rock Band for PS2/Wii may not make it in time for christmas: There's missed sales for you.

[DRM] Prince of Persia Pc version to have no DRM: Sweeet, gj Ubisoft.

[LBP] Someone made Tic-Tac-Toe in LittleBigPlanet: Holy ****.

[Preview] Fat Princess preview:
Sounds pretty awesome.

[Stars] Ebert still being a *****é about video games: *sigh* Shut up and review movies, if you don't like games, then shove it.

[Preview] Flower preview: Must Buy.

[Stars] 50 Cent challenges gamers to his new game: Wow. uh... Wow.

[Article] Game developers top 52 game developers of 2008: KOJIMA M I RITE!?

[Mod] Person creates Hemp Wii-Mote:
Oh, wow.

[GH] Guitar Hero: Metallica to contain other bands: Don't worry the other bands suck too.

[Rumor] GTA Movie script best unused Movie script of 2008: Ew.

And there you have it.

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