Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday News Opinions

Darn, I'm tired, and there's a lot of news... *Sigh*

[DLC] Burnout Paradise new island DLC coming next year, paid content: Cool, that's the kind of paid DLC that's good.

[Exclusive] Resident Evil 5 has platform exclusive content in Japan, and it's physical matter:
Eh, I don't really care, but that's how it should be.

[Mod] Half-Life 1 reborn in Black Mesa: Source, now with trailer: How very pretty. I love mods.

[Soundtrack] Halo trilogy soundtrack coming tomorrow: Really does anyone care anymore?

[Deal] Halo 3's Legendary Map Pack is Xbox LIVE's Holiday deal of the week: Damnit, I want to buy it.. I would if there wasn't Christmas in the way...

[Sales] Midway sold for $100,000?: This is.... Strange...

[Event] Game Developer's Conference expanded to Europe: More events = More news.

[Nintendo] Nintendo promoting literacy with 100 classic book collection for DS:
Ewwww... Buy the real books, and be easier on your eyes.

[Date] Final Fantasy Crystal Chonicles Wii title dated:
Uh, k.

[New Story of the Week] Uncharted 2 confirmed and titled:
Best news I've heard today.

[Article] 1up's Games of 2009: Interesting, I'll try to keep my eyes on this.

[Interview] Interview with Chrono Trigger/Cross composer: That's pretty cool.

[Article] What could have been if Sony had released the Boomerang controller: Heh.

[Review] The Dark Knight Blu-Ray IGN review: *Want*

[Review] Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories IGN review:
Sweet, I can't wait till I get it.

[Rumor] Witcher coming to PS3/360?: What even *is* that?

[Review] Gamespot Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix review: I think it deserves higher.

[Firmware] PS3 Firmware 2.53 available now, adds full screen flash playing: Sounds good.

[Patch] SOCOM: Confrontation patch 1.30 coming soon, adds D-Pad leaning:
Good, I guess.

[Rumor] Gran Turismo 5 coming Christmas 2009: Sounds like a good date for it.

[MMO] The Agency will not charge a monthly fee: I suddenly care a lot about this game.

[Ads] More in-game ads coming: *Sigh*

[Hardware] Psyclone TouchCharge coming for PS3: Uh, interesting...

[Patch] LittleBigPlanet features being restored soon:
That's good.

[Japan] Japan gets virtual Hamster game for PSP:
How very... Cute.

[Ad] Giant PSP ad being upgraded:
Uh, sweet. That's a pretty cool ad.

[Sales] How much money does Nintendo make on each Wii sold?:
I see.

[XBLA] Banjo-Kazooie released this week on XBLA: Uh, cool.

[Cameo] Jade costume unlockable in new Prince of Persia:
Great shout out to a game that deserves it.

[Patch] Castle Crashers patch 'still coming': Uh, k.

[Joke] Fallout 3: The Musical?: Hawhaw.

[Sales] Microsoft: 360 outsold the PS3 3-1 on black friday: First off, I don't trust MS's sales figures, second I don't really care.

[DLC] More PS1 games are coming to PlayStation© Store: Nice, but bring me some that I care about.

[WTF] Football game features mini game which uses Rock Band drums: Wow, just, wow.

[IRL] Gun "Enthusiast" makes Gears of War Lancer in real life: Uh, wow.

[Lawsuit] Chinese MMO steals from Ragnarok, Maple's Story, and WoW: I see where this is going...

[Announcement] New (DS)? game to be announced, cool picture: Only reason I gave this a second glance was because of the cool picture.

[Article] Stormrise developers talk about bringing RTS games to consoles: It can be done, there just needs to be one done right.

[ESRB] AOL launches service to get parents more informed about what their kids play: Uh, this isn't going to do that much.

[Sales] Wii Fit/Wii are highest searched for items on eBay during Black Friday:

[Sonic] Since it seems that Sonic Unleashed will only be "alright" SEGA shows off other Sonic game: Which looks worse...

[Joke] RuneScape more popular then Jessica Alba: Wait, what?

[Wii] New Wii update includes Space Invader's Revenge: Uh, k.

[Wii] Because no one likes Wii Music, some company is making plastic instruments for it: Why!?

[Nintendo] Miyamoto didn't think Wii Music would have immediate appeal: Boy did he hit the nail on the head, that game looked bad and a half.

[Collectors] Here's a NES game worth $4,000+: Jeez.

[Halo] what Halo Wars developers learned about Halo players: They didn't learn that they are the worst group of gamers ever?

[Japan] What Square-Enix games will be shown at Jump fiesta this month:
Cool, I want to hear more about Birth by Sleep.

[Rumor] Next Lego game to feature Harry Potter?:

[Sad] Black Friday, the day people make themselves look like idiots:

[Japan] Japan gets Arcade King Of Fighters game that is hand drawn: Next to SSF2THR, that looks kinda meh.

[Book] LucasArts history becomes tabletop book: I wonder how they think of it...

[WTF] Cross-Dressing Phenoix Wright musical in poster form: Whaaaat?

[WoW] Lich King is EB game's biggest selling launch ever: Uh, k

So there's the news...

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