Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday News Opinions

Right, the news.

[GH/RB] Konami working with Activision on Guitar Hero arcade game:
Eh, it's a good idea, but it probably wont end up all that great.

[Sony] Sony cutting 8,000 jobs due to economy: Darn economy.

[Limited Edition] Street Fighter IV US Limited Edition detailed:
Sounds a bit familiar.

[Buyout] Atari buys Champions Online developer: Uh, k.

[Features] Skate developers hope to keep series fresh:
Eh, meh.

[Ads] Publishers offer up concepts for in game ads:
I agree with the first comment, I don't care as long as it makes the games cheeper.

[PR] Sony 'has no plans' for Netflix on PS3: Wait a year, and they will have plans, I'll bet you.

[Article] 1up's games of 2009, part 6: Ah, yup.

[Joke] The top 5 silly game brand names: Heh.

[Article] IGN: How to put the PS3 back on top:
This article is pretty good, but the title is terrible.

[Movies] Worst comic book heros in films:
Yeah, ew, all of these are horrible.

[Activision] Activision talks Wolverine: I am kind of expecting this to suck.

[EA] EA feeling the heat:
The economy is effecting everyone.

[Review] Gamespot's GTA IV PC review: Eh, meh,

[Sales] MotorStorm: Pacific Rift sells 1 million units:
Sweet! GJ Evolution.

[Sony] Sony says we are leading in user created content:
I have to agree, Unreal 3 was proof of that.

[DLC] Super Stardust Portable DLC coming: It's cool that PSP is getting DLC now.

[PSN] The Dark Knight up on Video store on PSN: Sony, you're doing it right.

[DLC] Witcher console version to have DLC and be better all around: Uh, cool?

[Patch] Midnight Club patch makes game easier:
That's.. interesting?

[LBP] Sackboy pattern in UK's leading knitting magazine: Everyone loves Sackboy!

[Kotaku] Prince of Persia frankenreview: It's pretty, I'll give it that.

[Review] Persona 4 review: Another one of those games I've never played...

[Home] Sony: Home is coming very soon:
Sweet, Gimme game rooms, and I will be happy.

[Buyout] Capcom snags Midway's marketing VP:
Are people jumping the Midway ship? Probably.

[Preview] SimCity iPhone preview:
Hey, I would try it.

[Announcement] Simon the Sorcerer joins Good old Games:
That's pretty awesome, I swear, bring out Mac versions...

[Tech] Don't you wish you could game on a 103" Plasma TV?: Yep. Me too.

[Art] Robot Chicken does PaRappa:
They are making me and my waiting for my copy of PaRappa PS1 in the mail...

[Art] Katamari Bento box: That is awesome. Totally awesome.

[PC] Mirror's Edge system requirements for PC:
I see.

[Art] Duck Hunt done in a box: Heh, heheh.

[Screens] New in-game Killzone 2 screens:
*Drools..... again*

And there you have it.

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