Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday News Opinions

Well, we should be getting the money back for PaRappa, and ordering another copy soon.

[Article] How to fix DLC: Hmm, I agree mostly.

[RB] Dhani Harrison teases Beatles game:
It will be good.

[Rumor] Japan Rumor watch: Uh, I don't think I'll be making any conclusions based off of this.

[Rumor] Developers already working on PSP2 games?: Hmm, I wonder if things are farther along then we'd think...

[Rumor] EA games coming to Steam: No more of that DRM nonsense.

[LBP] LittleBigPlanet MGS DLC will be awesome: I can't wait!

[MGS] Kojima says wait a few more weeks for MGS big reveal: Ohh!

[iPhone] Proof of MGS for iPhone?:
Wow, this will be awesome.

[Review] WoW: WotLK 1up review: Eh....

[Preview] Noby Noby Boy day 2 preview from 1up:

[Article] Top 5 games that ended early:
Oh yeah, Assassin's Creed....

[Rumor] Steven Jobs to resign? Last Macworld scheduled for 2009:
This is terrible...

[Article] IGN's God of War III wishlist: Uh, k.

[Article] IGN's favorite Comic book-movie villains: Really, who didn't see this coming?

[Article] IGN's top 35 movies they want to see on Blu-Ray:

[Report] Factor 5 and Turbine having massive jobcuts: No LAIR 2 confirmed.

[GH] Metallica talks Guitar Hero: Metallica: Ew.

[Report] Midway also trimming workforce:
Poor Midway....

[Report] Microsoft knew about disk scratching in 360s, proceeded anyway: Ohh.... Microsoft, you bastard.

[Patch] Home patch fixes login areas:
Uh, cool.

[Article] Killzone 2 FAQ:
Q: Will it look pretty. A: Idiot, don't ask me stupid questions.

[DLC] LittleBigPlanet get festive DLC: Uh, cool.

[Rumor] Square-Enix to debut next MMO during E3 2009?: Uh, I guess that's cool..

[Sales] Sony's Stock falls due to economy:

[PR] Sony: 'No personnel or development cutbacks due to recession':
Good news!

[Jaffe] Jaffe admits 'meh' GOW3 debut, promises full game looks much better: Uh, cool.

[Patch] SingStar get backwards compatibly: I don't care about SingStar, but that's pretty cool.

[Rumor] Home hacked?:
This is all we need, more stuff delaying the good content....

[iPhone] Konami brining Silent Hill, DDR, and Frogger to iPhone: iPhone is doing well for itself.

[EA] EA: 'Wii game footage is not up to broadcast quality':
Uh... I don't even want to touch this.

[Demo] Mirror's Edge demo time trials unlocked: Servers were down when I tried, but I will try again later.

[Confirmed] Konami confirmed iPhone MGS: This actually looks really cool.

[Art] Final Fantasy VII in a box: That. Is. Awesome.

[Movie] Clock Tower game movie posters: Why does this get made into a movie, while we are still waiting on so much better stuff?

[GH] Axl Rose complains about Activision: Get in line, we all hate them.

[JRPG] Star Ocean IV has really odd battle system name:
Uh, odd.

[LBP] This is so awesome: Metal Gear Solid SackBoys and level set coming: This is so much win.

[GTA] GTA: Chinatown Wars boxart: Uh, k.

[Nintendo] Club Nintendo now live, and buggy: Like the launch of anything....

[Video] Noby Noby Boy trailer: Yay!

[Article] Edge's top 30 games of 2008: Number one should be MGS4.

[DS] Nintendo announces first DSi title's release dates: Uh, k.

[DS] Now, via homebrew, anyone can use their DS to propose:
Uh, wow.

[Free] Aeria gives it's MMO players free fake money:
Heh, silly.

[Patch] GTA IV PC patched:

[OddWorld] OddWorld comes to GoG:
I love you OddWorld....

[WoW] Job recruiters now informed to avoid WoW players: Oh, wow, that's... wow...

[Review] I Love Katamari iPhone Kotaku review: I still want to try it.

[Crime] 'Worst mom in Britain' gets PS3 in cell: Wow, what?

[Crime] 'Mortal Kombat' killer pleads guilty:
That's more like it, get some common sense.

[Delay] Harmonix apologizes for Wii/PS2 Rock Band 2 delay: It's nice they did.

[Art] Papercraft Link hat is amazing: Holy crap, that's amazing!

[Insult] Square-Enix developer: 360 is easier to develop for: Considering the state the game you made was in on the 360... I can't really take your word for it..

[Free] Mercenaries 2 DLC is out, includes Obama/Palin and is free:

[Video] Watch a Wii mote destroy a LCD TV: *sigh*

[Art] The evolution of video game controllers: This is pretty cool.

[Ad] Giant PSP ad back up: Yay!

[Sales] Good games never sell well....: *sigh*

[Screens] Uncharted 2 screens leaked:
Gyah, that's one of the prettiest games I've ever seen...

[Media] More 'news' sources that don't know about games bash PS3: This is just stupid, I would say the same thing no matter what system they were bashing.

[PC] The Last Remnant coming to PC in spring, PS3 Port? TBA: Eh, and Meh.

[Patch] PS3 Fallout 3 patch adds trophies, and gets rid of bugs: Uh, nice. :)

And there you go, it's now 4:06AM I hope you are happy :P

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