Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday News Opinions

Ah the weekend, and 2 presents left to buy....

[Interview] Interview with Megaman creator, talks on new Megamans:

[Closure] Free Radical Design team says it's not out yet:
Good luck guys!

[GTA] Take-Two spent $11 million during EA takeover bid: On what?

[Leak] Shawn White says developers working on sequel, developers say not: "woops"

[Article] Games of 2009 continues at 1up: Only 9 more days of this :P

[Preview] House of the Dead Wii preview:
Sounds like a core Wii game, that's one in a million.

[Article] PSP vs iPhone, which wins?: Gaming = PSP, Everything Else = iPhone.

[Preview] inFAMOUS IGN preview: *Want*

[Review] Lumines Supernova IGN review: Good, I guess, not my style.

[Closure] EA closing Black Box studio, who's resumé includes NFS/skate:

[Article] Gamespot graphics comparison: PC wins, obviously.

[Confirmed] JRPG Crossover game coming to US:

[Rumor] Bejeweled 2 coming to PSN?: Uh, k.

[Date] Demon's Soul coming to US in February 2009: Uh, cool.

[Study] Study says playing video games is "a great idea" for seniors: Heh. :)

[Lawsuit] Nintendo sued over DS setting home on fire: Yeah....

[Silly] List of words you can't say in Disney products: Hahaha!

[Rumor] Factor 5 goes under: That's too bad I guess.

[Screenshots] New Halo 3 map pack screenshot: Cool, I guess...

[Follow-Up] Realtime Worlds: Hold Up on those Crackdown 2 rumors: *heh*

[Joke] Wii injuries around in time for christmas: Hahahahaha

[Glitch] Sony fixing rather nasty PS3 trophy gltich: A.S.A.P. Sony.

[Studio] Free Radical founder starts new studio: Cool, I guess.

[Win] Psycho-Pedia is Wikipedia for Psychonauts: This is awesome.

[Movies] Good news, Castlevania movie dying, Spy Hunter movie dead: Yay!

[Sony] No pricecuts until summer: Yeah, I expected as much.

[Sega] Sega putting more old games on PSN/XBLA:
Where's SoR1, and Sonic2?

[Joke] Midway Wheelman christmas card: Lowl.

[Deals] SSF2THR press kits going for a lot online:

[Videos] New Afro Samurai videos:

[Joke] Fake Uwe Boll movie trailer:

[Boxart] Street Fighter IV Limited Edition box art:
Uh, k.

[Insult] David Reeves: "You don't grow the market by putting out shoddy machines": *Tsk* *Tsk* Don't insult others Sony, i thought you were better then that.....

Until next time.

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