Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday News Opinions

It's still cooooold.

[Home] Sony asks for your patience with Home: Like anyone online service had a smooth launch...

[GTA] GTA Chinatown Wars dated for March: My Care-O-Meter is hitting the high zeros.

[Buyout] Time Warner buys 10 million shares of Eidos: Hmm, interesting.

[Stars] Michael Phelps partners with 505 games for multiple projects: Uh, k.

[Kojima] Kojima plans to be very involved with Metal Gear movie:
We can only keep our fingers crossed, and hope it will be good.

[360] Microsoft: 'Xbox Live will remain stable this christmas': Uhh.. yeah?

[Multiplat] 360 Exclusive Star Ocean box lacks 'Only on Xbox' tag:
I think it will go on the same trail as Eternal Sonata.

[Event] Spike Video Game awards wrap up:
I will have to watch these later.

[Preview] Noby Noby Boy all week long: *This* will be sweet.

[Movies] X-Men Origins: Wolverine first trailer: I think Huge Jackman wasn't the best choice in the first place.

[Wii] Nintendo announces 1st quarter 2009 release dates:
So much shovelware, so, so, so much shovelware.

[EA] Dante's Inferno coming out thanks to EA: That's strange..

[Home] Sony Europe: 'Home is a system seller': Of course it is. And I hate that term, any game is a system seller. If someone thought "Oh that game is cool, I am going to buy a system to play it" then it is a system seller.

[Sad] Valkria Chronicles is considered one of the best RPGs of this generation and has LOW sales: This doesn't bode well. :(

[Art] Uncharted 2 concept art: Uh, cool.

[Patched] Fallout 3 PS3 patched, includes trophies:
This is awesome news :)

[PSN] Space Invaders Extreme heading to PSN: Good stuff, that game was a lot of fun.

[PSN] Noby Noby Boy priced and dated:
I hope it is $5 in America.

[Event] Spike VGA trailers, God Of War III, Uncharted 2 Brutal Legend, Watchman game, and more: Uncharted 2 and Brutal Legend are awesome.

[PSP] Final Fantasy Agito XIII, and 3rd Birthday direct feed trailers:
Agito looks like a spiced up Crisis Core, so it's bound to be good, but 3rd Birthday looks a bit to ****ed up for me.

[Fail] Dragonball: The Movie: The Game coming to PSP: News article contains video showing Street Fighter The Movie: Game for comparison, fail...

[Flash] Shoe being thrown at Bush already a Flash game: Hahahahahahahaha!

[LBP] LittleBigPlanet holiday card is adorable: Awwwwwwwwwww!

[Review] iPhone case review: Sounds... Interesting.

[Rumor] Over 10 years in the making the next Guns 'N Roses album may appear on Rock Band 2: Uh, cool?

[Event] Spend 2 days with Uwe Boll:
I can't imagine anyone going.... Except as a joke.

[Crime] Kids shoots parents because they took away Halo 3:
Wow, this is a horrible story.

[Preview] Kotaku Killzone 2 single player preview: I want a demo darnit.

[Video] Dante's Inferno trailer: Hellish.

[Sony] God of War III has 4 times the texture resolution: This is going to sell.

[Capcom] Capcom listens to fan feedback, completely redoes game: That's awesome of you Capcom, now give us a PS3 port of Dead Rising...

[Event] Spike Video Game Awards winners:
Eh... meh..

[DS] DSi not to launch in US before March: Uh, alright...

[Home] Youtube video shows why people fail:
Oh, hahahahah I laughed!

[Stars] MC Hammer to visit Activision:
Uh, Okay?

And there you have it.

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