Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday News Opinions

I will do this earlier today!

[Preview] MGS LBP levelset preview: How do you spell 'totally amazing'? :P

[WoW] Now available WoW: WotLK 10 day trials:
uh, k.

[Patch] LBP Update brings better search feature and store in game: Awesome.

[Buyout] Free Radical Design claims "Significant interest" shown in purchase: Maybe we shouldn't worry?

[Info] LittleBigPlanet MGS info: Sounds like a whole load of godly.

[iPhone] 1Up looks at iPhone games: Uh, k.

[Preview] Dissidia 1up preview: *want*

[Top 10] Top ten JRPG composers:
Who didn't see this coming?

[Review] iPhone now has a killer app: This sounds wonderful. Completely wonderful.

[Video] New Afro Samurai videos: Pretty game.

[EA] EA Layoffs hit 1,000 Black Box 'consolidated': Hmm...

[News of the day] PixelJunk Monsters coming to PSP: ****YES!!!!!

[PSN] Another meh PSN game: Eh...

[PSN] Lumines Supernova coming Next PSN update: Uh, cool, I guess.

[PSN] Under Siege coming exclusively to PS3: Uh, k.

[Sales] PAIN is most downloaded game on PSN for 2008:
PixelJunk Monsters and Everyday Shooter should be on top.

[DLC] Metal Gear Integral podcasts coming in January: Cool.

[Delay] SSF2THR not coming to Europe until 2009: Darn delays.

[Damo] WipEout HD demo coming before Christmas: Cool, thanks Sony.

[Rumor] Disgaea 2 port coming to PSP?:
Hmm, interesting.

[PSP] New PSP game coming out next year: Uh, sweet.

[Sales] Dissidia sells 350,000 first day: Sweet, PSP is where S-E has found a home.

[Sales] DSi Still doing well: Uh, k.

[PR] Microsoft is doing it wrong: What the hell MS...

[Steam] EA and Steam team up:

[Layoffs] Aspyr confirms layoffs, sources say up to one third of workforce:

[Download] Ubisoft announces new PSN/XBLA game:

[Review] Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Kotaku review:
Uh, k.

[Preview] Godfather II multiplayer preview: Sounds alright.

[Art] TimeSplitters 4 concept art leaked:
I See.

[Announcement] Street Fighter IV last character revealed: Uh, k.

[Activision] Previously mentioned DJ isn't Activision's DJ Hero:
Uh, k.

And there yee go.

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