Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday New Opinions

Still sick, but besides that, the news:

[Article] 1up's Games of 2009: I gotta agree so far.

[Announcement] Some company making a free-to-play game: Free to play is good.

[Microsoft] Microsoft preparing for a rough 2009: There's few people that are preparing for a *good* 2009.

[Bugs] Grand Theft Auto IV PC has lots of issues:

[Deals] Microsoft making select XBLA titles free to play for December:
That's good of them.

[Meh] Winter-Themed Avatar clothing for XBL:
Care-O-Meter is hitting the low zeros.

[GameStop] Atari says used games market is extremely painful for publishers: We already knew this.

[Report] Report says 190 million households will own next gen consoles by 2012: Sweet.

[Western Market] Namco Bandai announces more focus on Western Market:
Just like everyone else....

[DLC] The Force Unleashed new DLC adds new level/characters:
This sounds completely not worth it.

[Preview] Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena:
Gimme a demo.

[Article] Afro Samurai blog:
I do like the art style with this game.

[Review] Mushroom Men - The Spore Wars 1up review:
This game always seemed kinda meh to me.

[DLC] Mirror's Edge getting DLC early next year:
Too much money for it. I will get the free map however.

[Movie] Resident Evil CGI movie interview: They should make more game movies like this.

[Movie] The Dark Knight DVD review: Shame on thee!

[Movie] Resident Evil CGI movie IGn review: It's a shame it's not better, however I think it should sell well, so that other companies do this.

[Article] IGN: How to fix Sonic: Eh, I sorta agree.

[Preview] Killzone 2 IGN preview: Holy moly, those graphics are good.

[WTF] NASCAR Kart racing coming to Wii:
Hahahahahahahahahaha, *ahem* hahahahah!

[Preview] Red Faction: Guerilla preview: I am remaining optimistic of this game, though I have a feeling I wont like it.

[WoW] World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Gamespot review:
. . .

[Sony] Sony: PS3 is '300,000' units ahead of 360 in PAL regions: The plot thickens.

[Trophies] Killzone 2 Trophy list: I am not going to read it to avoid spoilers.

[PSN] Catan IS coming to PS3, courtesy of Game Republic:
Uh, cool.. I guess.

[RB/GH] No Doubt coming to rock Band next week:
Cool I guess.

[Preview] Joystiq's Killzone 2 preview: Sounds wonderful.

[Blu-Ray] Dark Knight Blu-Ray live feature is chat with Christopher Nolan: This is awesome, and needs to keep happening.

[PSN] Another meh looking game coming to PSN: Where's Flower when you need it?

[Home] Beta is down for a day to add stuff: Sounds good.

[Trophies] echocrome is getting trophies: Give me Everyday Shooter trophies.

[PSN] PlayStation Store© update for PSP: DAHH!!! IT's EVERYDAY SHOOTER! I need it!

[Ad] Wonderful LocoRoco 2 Japanese ad:
*Smiles* Yay!

[DLC] Free Dissidia themes for PSP: Uh, cool.

[Sony] Everyday Shooter creator talks on PSP port: That is just awesomely awesome.

[Video] Mirror's Edge DLC trailer: Hmm,I don't like how it looks.

[Life] Colorado teen killed by police, stole Xbox 360: That's sad I suppose...

[Lawsuit] Midway cleared of Psi-Ops copyright infringement: Uh, k.

[Wii] Duck Hunt+ Destroy All Humans = This Wii game: Uh, k.

[iPhone] Tap Tap becomes a music platform:
Good job developers! :)

[Article] The death of video game criticism:
Ehh.. not the greatest article.

[Sales] Midway stocks plummet after sell out:
Poor midway....

[Controller] Jogging controller adds jogging to your games: Wow, that's.... Lame...

[LBP] Sackbook launched, a fansite for keeping track of LBP content: That's awesome.

[Ads] U.S. Army launches Second Life virtual recruitment center: Fail.

[Microsoft] New Games for windows client released stealthily: Sounds kinda fail anyways.

[Joke] Prankster takes Mario Kart to the streets of France:
Oh, wow.

[Ew] Rock Band getting country music:

[Article] Madworld developers say that making a game in Black and White is hard: Yup.

[Survey] Japanese people bought Wii Fit impulsively:
****ing Wii Sh**.

[Win] Brutal Legend news coming this month: This makes me happy.

[Japan] Square-Enix to take over Eidos: Wow, that's random...

[Atari] Phill Harrison is pretty confident that younger generation won't buy physical media: Physical Media > Digital Distribution.

[WIN] Patpon Plushies: Oh god, this is such win.

[Developer] BioShock creator wishes PC gaming was more successful:
Yeah, well, don't the PC fanboys as well. Though I think they have brought it on themselves, with the rediculous prices, and having to upgrade all the time...

[Joke] Someone at GameStop has a sense of humor: Hahahahahahaha!

[Sales] Garry's Mod makes Garry rich: Cool, I guess.

[Joke] Newspaper thinks the Sega Genesis is a current generation Console: Wow, omg fail, so much.

[Video] New Ghostbusters Game trailer:
This game looks awesome, though, I don't like the art style, I can forgive it.

[Japan] What do Japanese people think of the whole Faith concept art thing?: Yeah...

[Video] New trailer for Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena: Though I've never seen the movies, that's pretty cool looking.

[Nintendo] UK Nintendo magazine shut down because of Nintendo's move away from the hardcore crowd: About ****ing time someone made a point.

[Joke] Cracked's 6 most retarded consoles: I've heard of only one of these...

[Sales] Valve releases ten years of sales figures:
Can't deny they made some dough.

And there you go.

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