Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday News Opinions

Annnd..... I wake up sick... *Sigh* Anyways, the news:

[DRM] Gabe Newell says DRM strategies 'are just dumb': And I agree with him.

[GameStop] Recession not slowing GameStop global expansion plans:
Oh, I dunno. This could be to try and prevent losing money.

[Insult] Koei says 'no place' for Itagaki after Tecmo merger: Hmm, I dunno, they are going to fail as a company anyways.

[Announcement] Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days announced for US: There was no one that didn't see this coming.

[Announcement] Rez creator developing Wii game: Eh, I don't care. Wii game.

[Pirates] DSi now hacked: That took what, a few weeks?

[Article] The games of 2009, part 2: I agree.

[WoW] Wrath of the Lich King nets EB games second biggest sales week ever:
Is anyone surprised?

[Review] Prince of Persia 1up Review:
Hmm, interesting compared to the other reviews.

[Review] Prince of Persia IGN AU review:
Like so.

[Announcement] Ghostbusters Game being released June 2009: Sweet, hopefully it will be good.

[Sales] DSi sells over 535K so far in Japan: I wonder how many times Nintendo can get away with rereleasing the DS?

[Rumor] SCi renamed Eidos. Eidos facing buyout?: Meh, I don't really care for their games.

[Ads] Red Bull to be the first third party partner for home: Well, as long as they add more content I suppose...

[Accessories] Official Street Fighter IV arcade sticks coming from MadCatz:
Uh, sweet.

[Holy ****] Pioneer makes 400GB Blu-Ray disk, will work on current Blu-Ray players: That is just... Oh wow.

[Voice Actor] Nathan Drake's voice actor chosen for new Prince of Persia, on purpose: That's cool, I really like him as a voice actor.

[Sony] Heavy Rain will use SIXAXIS to 'push, hit, or kick':
Although it sounds gimmiky, it's good to see that people haven't given up on the SIXAXIS yet.

[Flash] PS3 now fully supported by BBC iPlayer: Uh, sweet.

[Trailer] God of War III to make appearance at Spike VGA: Sounds good I guess..

[Date] Yakuza 3 release date is February 26th:
I wonder if it will ever hit stateside.

[LBP] SackBoy plushies available now on Play-Asia:

[Sales] Resistance 2 sells low in UK: This baffles me...

[Sony] Sony: "Expect more big franchises in 2009": Final Fantasy: Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Resistance: Retribution, Patapon 2, LocoRoco 2, and you tell me there are more coming? OMG.

[LBP] Here are some LBP stats: Nice. :)

[360] New 360s contain 256MBs of internal storage: Uh, cool.

[Tech] BlitzTech unveils stereoscopic 3D Engine: Uh, interesting.

[Screens] New screens for Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena: Looks nice, gimme a demo though.

[iPhone] Brothers in Arms: Hours of Heros for iPhone: Looks... Interesting.

[Cameo] Rumor: LittleBigPlanet to invading Hot Shots Golf: Sounds cool.

[Review] Prince of Persia Kotaku review:
Kotaku seems like the best review site these days.

[Activision] Latest movie game of crap:
*sigh* Some things never change.

[DS] Gardening Mama coming this spring: I wonder what PETA thinks?

[SEGA] Sonic the Chessboard?: Whaat?

[DS] Dragon's Quest IX images: I think SE has lost the touch these days...

[Halo] Halo 3: ODST to have interesting memorable characters:

[Insult] Megadeath thinks old bands that don't sign on to video games are stupid: Well, THIS is going to make you popular, though I see where he is coming from, this is no way to say it.

[Star] Soccer Star addicted to PlayStation: Uh, wow.

[Nifty] Old consoles appear as papercraft: Tha'z cute.

[Wii] Dead Rising on Wii looks to be across the board mistake: And the PS3 didn't get a version? Why?

[Movie] First look at Chun-Lii from the movie: Ehhhhh....

[WTF] GTA IV PC version is uncensored in Australia: You know, when the console version are...

[Nintendo] Nintendo not allowed to copyright "Wii Remote": Heh.

And there you go.

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