Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday News Opinions

Still sick, though feeling better, the news.

[Interview] Dissidia Developers speak: Sweet, I can't wait.

[Review] Famitsu Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Uh, k.

[Review] Famitsu Mirror's Edge review: About what I expected from a Japanese magazine.

[Qore] December episode of Qore is free:
Eh.... I like that it's free, but still..

[GH/RB] GH DLC for the next few weeks: For once, people realize that Cherub Rock, isn't the only song people like by Smashing Pumpkins...

[iPhone] Best sellers, and most downloaded iPhone games: Makes sense.

[Ads] ads to be used outside of gameplay for Diablo III/ StarCraft II: So, nothing is new?

[Rumor] Dragon Quest IX coming to Wii as well?: Care-O-Meter still reading about 0.

[Joke] Top Ten things 1up learned from XBL:

[Article] The state of PSN games: A very good article covering the history of the PSN. No mention of Everyday shooter loses it some points for me though.

[Rumor] DC Universe online due by early 2010:
*Shrugs* Unless it doesn't have a subscription, I don't care.

[Announcement] Sam and Max coming picked up to be distributed by Atari: Uh k... I wont get it unless there is a PS3 version.

[MMO] New MMO announced: Meh...

[Review] Prince of Persia gamespot review:
Cool, I guess.

[O_O] Uncharted 2 trailer was rendered in real-time: I find this hard to believe, and at the same time, looking at the first game...

[Patch] Old PSN game, Blast Factor now has trophies: Meh, give Everyday Shooter some trophies and rumble.

[Review] LocoRoco 2 Kotaku review: Sounds good, I still need the first game.

[Patch] Fable II getting bugfixes:
Uh, k.

[Woops] Nintendo sends out racist copy of game to journalists:
Oh... Dear... (hahahahahahaha!)

[Video] Trailer of that game that was just announced for consoles: Witcher huh? Didn't Yahtzee hate that game?

[Follow-Up] Rip-Off Chinese MMO Publishers Respond To WoW-Rip-Off Allegations: Good luck getting out of this...

[Voice Actor] How Splinter Cell voice actor survived terrorist attack: That sounds like a scene from a movie.

[Mod] Another Xbox 360 laptop, by Ben Heck: My god, the skills..

[Christians] Christian site warns against buying Army of Two for their kids:
Due to... "Homosexual Encounters".... Really, I mean... Really....

[Screenshots] New Dissidia screens: Sweet. Day 1 buy.

[Report] Which FPS games are the most engaging?: Gears of War is NOT a FPS.

[iPhone] Music game for iPhone looks PRETTY!: Wow, seriously.....

[Sony] Heavy Rain is about normal people, and real life: I wonder if they can pull it off, no games nail 'Normal people'...

[Follow-Up] It's been like a hour or something, and there's already a follow up to the racist Nintendo game: Whaat?

[Activision] Activision: Next Tony hawk is hands free, Call of Duty due 2009: ****ing Activision....

Wow, not much news today...

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