Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday News Opinions

Another day with no PaRappa, Sunday, if it's not here, there will be an E-Mail sent...

[DD] Molyneux thinks Fable 2 would be a good digital download: Fill up those HDDs boys, then buy some more from us.

[Wii] Nintendo: Wii's "might not be on that shelf much longer":
Uh, k.

[Wii] Wii getting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fighting game: Where is Battletoads?

[Home] EA founder questioning Home's goals: Can't the goal just be fun?

[IRL] FCC boss blames WoW gaming addiction a top cause for collage drop outs: Well, I think it's a reason, perhaps not a 'top' reason.

[Wii] Nintendo to help with Dragon quest promotion in US: Uh, k.

[Capcom] Capcom shoots down multiplatform Monster Hunter 3 development: Uh, I doubt it, Since they went completely multiplatform, I am guessing it will later show up on the Wii.

[Preview] Flower PS3 Preview: I want this.

[Preview] Heavy Rain preview: Holy **** that's pretty.

[Review] iPhone game is for hardcore gamers, and is great: Okay, I want to try this.

[Review] Prince of Persia DS IGN review: Eh.

[Home] PlayStation Home™ out now:
Yep :)

[Article] Looking back on 2008 for the PS3: It was a good year.

[Movies] Batman vs Iron Man, who wins more awards?: 2 **** good movies.

[Analysts] Analysts predict games sales up in November: Wouldn't surprise me.

[EA] EA's stocks take a beating: As someone else said, this sucks, after EA finally realized how terrible they were, and fix it, they get in financial trouble... :(

[DS] Shakespear on DS: Who spends all day reading on a DS?

[Article] Games as art?: I think games can be art, but not all are.

[Videos] New Killzone 2 videos:
Nine of them.

[Preview] Uncharted 2 preview in Game Informer reveals info:
Sounds sweet!

[Patch] echocrome gets patch, gives Trophies, and 1000 new levels: Not baaaaad.

[Developers] Linger In Shadows developers share development tools:
That's awesome of them :)

[Screens] First gameplay screens of Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Looks sweet.

[Patch] SOCOM does it right with patch: Now THAT'S a patch.

[Screens] Final Fantasy Agito XIII concept art, world map and screens:
Square-Enix found it's calling, PSP games.

[Mods] Fallout 3 mod creator kit for PC is live: Neato, I wish the PS3 version allowed for mods.

[Reviews] Here are EA's highest rated games of 2008:
Mirror's Edge, how I want to play thee.

[Fired] C|Net firing some people, starting at GameSpot: Uh, well, maybe if you got your act in gear you wouldn't have to worry about this...

[Kotaku] Persona 4 frankenreview: Uh, k..

[Review] Rock Band portable drums Kotaku review:
Sounds about right.

[Stats] Heavy Rain development stats: Wow, that's pretty nuts.

[DLC] EndWar gets 4 new DLC missions: Uh, k.

[Chrono] Chrono Trigger finally coming to Europe:
Sorry it took so long..

[Art] Bored dad makes kicka** lunchbags for kids: Wish I could do something like that.

[360] Inside the Jasper 360: Uh, k.

[Music] LittleBigMusic, the inspired by music: Does it have the ORIGINAL music though?

[DS] Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is region free: Uh, k.

[WoW] World of Warcraft Sex change, $15:

[NSFW] DS Scrabble beats kid on "****ers" on triple word score: And there's something wrong with this?

[Buyout] Ubisoft wanted City of Heros dev:
Tough luck I say.

[Fanboy] Biggest 360 fanboy ever....:
There is sad and then there is sad, and there is this...

[Screens] White Knight Chronicles... *drools*: That picture made me 70% more excited for this game.

[GH/RB] Why play Guitar Hero, when you can have Guitar, Drums, and Keyboard all on one controller?: Wow, just wow....

[360] Microsoft prepared for economic recession: With their billions of Dollars.

[PSP] Yet another Harvest Moon for PSP: Ew...

And there you go... Now, where'd PaRappa go?

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