Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday-Tuesday News Opinions

Sorry, yesterday I was doing stuff most of the day.

[Screenshots] Chronicles of Dark Athena screens:
I really need to try this.

[Article] Look back at Prince of Persia: I heard this game was crap.

[Article] Comparing Home areas around the world:
That's pretty awesome.

[Screenshots] New Fat Princess screenshots: *Awesome*

[Screenshots] New Batman: Arkham Asylum screens:
This is so ****ing pretty.

[Delay] Due to recession, Gizmondo rerelease delayed: What, why are they doing this?!

[Deal] Halo: Combat Evolved on sale for half off, for a week:
Uh, k.

[DLC] Roy Orbison coming to Rock Band: Uh, I have never heard of him.

[Rumor] Disney supposedly working on 'epic Mickey' game: What? What?

[Fight] Sony Vs Microsoft in Street Fighter IV:

[Article] Prince of Persia producer: "Stronger appetite for the familiar than it wants to admit":
I agree... However I heard this game wasn't the best either.

[DLC] Briad coming to Windows, Mac, and perhaps PS3:
DO IT!!!!

[WoW] WoW tops 11.5 million subscribers: Sweet.

[Preview] F.E.A.R. 2 preview:
Uh, k.

[Article] 1Up games of 2009: Diablo III. Win.

[Analysts] Analysts: Zelda in 2009, GTAV in 2010: Eh, Alright..

[PSN] American PSN releases for December 23rd:

[Home] Home virtual items selling like hotcakes: Eh, alright.

[Sony] PS3 costs 53% less to make now then at launch: Good job

[PSN] PS1 classic now on PSN, It's Suikoden by the way:
Uh, k.

[Video] Dissidia's ridiculously epic intro movie: I will wait for the game to come out to see it.

[Silly] Left 4 Dead turned into a 4KB Java game: Crazy.

[Screenshots] Bungies shows more screenshots of Mythic Map Pack: Uh, k.

[Review] WoW Mouse Kotaku review: Eh, Ew.

[Mod] RC Remote Hack uses Balance Board, Wii Mote, and iPhone as controllers:
Oh Hax.

[Video] First shaky cam minutes of Killzone 2:
Nothnx. (Spoilers + crappy quality = Meh)

[Free] Tabula Rasa goes free early: Uh, k.

[Deals] Good Old Games have holiday bundles: Uh, sweet.

[Silly] MLB 09 lets you record your own crowd chants: This is not going to end well.

[Crime] Another person stabbed over a console:

[MMO] Study shows MMO-women-players are much more bi-sexual then the populous: Strange...

[Screenshots] First Wallace and Gromet screens show awesome graphics and style: *Want a PS3 version*

[Japan] Gears of War 2 localized for Japan: Uh, k.

[Awesome] Burnout Paradise's DeLorean hovers and burns: Sweeet!

[Silly] The scariest game glitches: Oh, wow...

[Wii] Resale prices finally match retail prices: Ooooookie dokie.

[Joke] Duck Hunt Dog goes too far:
I didn't watch the video, but hehe.

[Art] What Ratchet COULD have looked like in future: I'm glad he did not.

[Scary] Man gets death threats on XBL, and goes to chance GamerTag, XBL not sympathetic: Jeez....

[Capcom] Capcom has no plans to bring back Breath of Fire:
That's a shame.

[Sad] Fake Cliffy_B twitter account shut down: That's sad, I'd never even heard of this before.

[Video] Halo 3 vs Unreal 3:
Oh wow, I laughed.

[Review] iPhone SimCity review:
Sounds awesome.

[Art] Happy Holidays from Aperture Science:

[iPhone] Final Fantasy game hits iPhone: Uh, cool.

[Article] 8 People making a PS3/360 game: Oh crazy.

[PR] Mircosoft tries to get in on Nintendo's Soccer Mom action: *Sigh*

[Wii] The Sun says the Wii puts 10 in the hospital a week:
Oh, wow.

[Article] Top Press Releases of the Year: Ooookay.

[GameStop] The GameStop of the future:

[Art] Someone at Valve screwed up:
Oh Wow.

[Patch] They patched the iPhone Katmari: This makes me really happy.

And there we have it.

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