Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday News Opinions

Sorry it's so late today.

[Screenshots] Final Fantasy: Dissidia 1up screenshots:

[GTA] Pre-Order GTA: Chinatown Wars, get free in-game money:
Heh, less beating up pedestrians?

[Announcement] Beneath a Steel Sky, and more now available on GoG: They are doing it right.

[DLC] PSP Super Stardust gets DLC: Uh, cool.

[Article] 1Up's games of 2009: Lotsa games.

[DKF] New Duke Nukem Forever screenshot:
That actually graphically looks quite good.

[Closure] Free Radical Design closing?: This would be sad.

[Preview] F.E.A.R. 2 Multiplayer preview:
Uh, k.

[Date] BioShock 2 dated for 2009: That's pretty sweet.

[Patch] PAIN update allows for replay editing, and YouTube functionality: Awesome.

[Screenshots] 2 New inFAMOUS screens: *Pretty*

[Beta] City of Heros mac now in open beta: Uh, interesting.

[Soon] inFAMOUS coverage coming soon: Sweet, can't wait.

[Report] PS3 to support 3D Stereoscopic gaming in 2009: *looks at video*

[DLC] LittleBigPlanet MGS level pack has new trophies:

[Sales] Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix sells 250,000 copies: Sweet, it deserves it.

[PSN] OutRun Online Arcade coming to PSN early 2009: Uh, k.

[Home] Home servers back online: Sweet, I need the update.

[Home] Home Voice chat temporarily disabled in 1.04 update:

[Update] List of adHoc party titles increased:

[LBP] MGS LittleBigPlanet content is in time for christmas: Yay!

[Article] Core gamers to save the day during economic crisis: Hmm.

[YouTube] Publishers are making money off of YouTube: Interesting, I guess everyone wins?

[Star Wars] Battlefront III in the hands of Rouge Squadron developers: [Zune

[Rumor] Job listing mentions Xbox Zune: I agree it's probably a app for the Zune, but can you think of how bad an Xbox Zune would be?

[GameStop] GameStop launches a Buy DS Now get it later program: Uh, k.

[Rumor] Motherboard maker going under?: Man all sorts of people are being hit.

[Rumor] Crackdown developers form new studio to work on Crackdown 2?:
Lots of 'eh's and 'mehs's.

[Crime] Inside traders made lots of money off of GTA Hot Coffee scandal: *sigh*

[Voice Actor] Perviously shot voice actor returns home: Glad to hear he's okay.

[Art] Fallout holiday: Silly.

[Movies] 28 Video game movies in production: Driver movie ftw.

[Event] Mad Catz brining Rock Band accessories and Street fighter acrade sticks to CES09: Uh, k.

[Yahtzee] Pilot episode of Yahtzee's new show: I watched a few minutes and laughed. :)

[Flash] Even more Bush-Shoe throwing flash games: Heh.

[iPhone] Lego Batman: Gotham City Games coming to iPhone: Uh, k.

[Dumb] Times Square Toys "R" Us store has Nintendo store inside, only a block away from a REAL Nintenod store: Fail....

[IRL] Have EA make your Spore creatures into statues, unless they are porn: That's actaully pretty cool.

[Event] Game Developer choice award nominations 2009 are a go: Uh, k.

[DLC] Rock Band to have holiday DLC: Sounds Meh.

[Review] Rock Band M.I.C. review:
This is pretty cool, make a PS3 version!

[Boxart] Resident Evil 5 boxart:
Eh, meh.

[Rumor] Aspyr hit with layoffs?: Noo! They don't deserve it!

[Stars] Writers from the Simpsons, Family Guy, and Futurerama working on Machinima: I wonder if it will be any good...

[Date] Final Fantasy: Dissidia comes stateside this Summer: I was hoping for sooner, aw, well...

[Sales] Music game sales help normal music sales:
Is this really so shocking?

[Glitch] Melee people through a wall in Gears of War 2:
Fix this.

[PR] Sony have 'no plans' for PSP2:
This is just PR BS, who knows if they are or aren't.

[PR] Microsoft is looking up for '09: More PR garbage.

[Statistic] Online shoppers are in the minority: Hmmm.....

[LBP] MGS LittleBigPlanet level out December 23rd!: !

There you go, *zzzzz*

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