Saturday, January 3, 2009

News Catch up

And it begins... (I guess I'll be here for a while)

[Home] Home raking in the money for Sony:
Good news for them, I guess.

[GH/RB] Bruce Springsteen coming to Guitar Hero: World Tour free: Uh, k.

[Activision] Next Tony Hawk 'More interactive, Realistic':
It's Activision, I no longer care.

[Glitch] Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 2 on PS3 contains glitch:
Oh dear.

[GTA] "DS GTA bigger then PSP GTAs": Eeeeeew.

[List] Top 20 overlooked games of 2008:

[PR] Read Rising creator thinks the 360 is doing well in Japan: Uh, k.

[Patch] Castle Crashers finally patched: Woot.

[Video] 13 Year old is amazing at Guitar Hero 100%s last GH3 song on expert: Jeez.

[Screenshots] Every Unit in Halo Wars shown off:

[Company] Eve Online developers may be moving due to economy:

[Statistics] What % of Japan have Blu-Ray players?: Yeah, well, Not too surprising.

[Stars] What Ender's Game Author has to say about Enders Game 'game':

[iPhone] iPhone gets crayon game:

[Art] Left 4 Dead boxart censored in Japan as well:

[WIN] LocoRoco hits US in February: SWEET!!!

[Mod] The 360 briefcase: Hax.

[PS3] PS3 Exclusive crossover JPRG coming stateside:

[3D] Customized 3D Monitors coming to CES: Uh, awesome?

[Review] Hero of Sparta Kotaku review:

[MMO] Age of Conan features Goat killing holiday: How strange.

[Article] Does Prince of Persia rip off Shadow of the Colossus?: Mhm.... Interesting...

[Article] Iran joins ESRB: Okay?

[Lawsuit] Konami suing DJ Portable Max developers: *Sigh*

[Nintendo] Nintendo launching video service this year:

[Kojima] Hedio Kojima directing 2 new games: Sweet. They'll be on my watch list.

[LBP] Media Molecule talks future LBP patches, moderation systems, ect:

[List] Top 10, and bottom 10 games of '08: Hahahaha!

[Canceled] Mistwalker 360 game killed off: Eh....

[LBP] Not every company complains about Copyright infringement: Hah, that's awesome.

[Video] 1 Year Old child knows her video game characters:

[Video] Three White Knight Chronicles trailers: Pretty.

[Resignation] Silicon Knights exec leaves company: Uh, k.

[MMO] Former WoW devs preparing announcement: Uh, cool?

[Wii] Wii Lens cleaner now available: Yeah....

[Demo] Ninja Blade demom coming: Uh, k...

[iPhone] iPhone gets Final Fant- Wait, a Tower Defense game?: *Sigh*

[Preview] Mad Catz Street Fighter IV controller: Uh, k.

[EA] EA applauds their family oriented games: *Shudders*

[Screenshot] Game Mechanic shows off their game: Pretty.

[Article] The Pros and Cons of using Wii-Mote controlled robots: No comment.

[Article] Prince of Persia culturally irresponsible:
Interesting read.

[Fail] G-Unit spills on Blood on the Sand: Fail....

[Article] Male gamers driven by need to conquer: Heh.

[Closure] Free Radical Cuts 140 jobs, sells the rest: That's... good?

[Sales] Major Tecmo Shareholder Unsure about Koei Merger:
Same here.

[Sales] Dissidia sales show almost 500,000 sales in first week: This bodes well.

[Analysts] Analysts: The Year of the PS3 unofficially delayed till 2009: If 2008 wasn't good enough... Wait, what!?

[Video] Demon's Soul trailer:
Uh, k.

[Interview] Interview with Mother 3 translator: Interesting.

[Art] Bungie teases with Halo 3: ODST concept art:
I see.

[Screenshots] Old Republic screens:

[Top Ten] Top ten stories that blew Japan's mind: How very interesting.

[Wii] Japan's virtual console beats everyone else's: No surprising.

[Interview] Video Interview with Naomi Hunter, and Samus:
Oh hax.

[Home] Home, where you can't say "Hello":
I see?

[Sale] Free Radical for sale: Poor FRD...

[Crime] Man gets Wii, and arrested: Wow, just, I can't even begin... Just... Wow...

[Rumor] White Knight Chronicles Sells 130,000 debut day:

[Home] Killzone 2 costume for Home: TOTAL BADASS!

[360] Xbox 360 gets big setup in Japan: Uh?

[OddWorld] Lorne Larnning vaguely talks Hollywood film:
Interesting, Bring me some OddWorld.

[LBP] Media Molecule has LBP running in FPV:
Oh wow, that's incredible.

[Sales] MGS4 sold out at some store today: Woot!

[Valve] Valve talks Left 4 Dead's future: K.

[Review] Dissidia Kotaku review: Interesting. I still want it.

[MMO] Company patents MMO, starts suing:
This is so ****ed up.

[Movies] Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li preview: Uh...

[PSP] PSP getting another PS2 port: Interesting.

[Demo] Cortex Command demo: I heard this was a good game.

[News] SF Chronicle best games of 2008: Not a bad list.

[Article] Will the $60 Standard be lowered due to recession: I hope so.

[Glitch] Glitches of War 2: Oh hax.

[Wii] Wii game is pretty ****ing pretty: Wow.

[Capcom] Capcom has a whole slew of games coming to PSP/PSN next year: Nice to hear.

[Canceled] What Star Wars Battlefront III might have looked like: *sigh*

[Japan] Japan: Japan.

[Failure] Soulja Boy debuts song with NXE avatar: Fail.

[SEGA] longtime SEGA exec leaves SEGA: Oh.

[PR] 'Sony is doomed' Ray pointed at PSP: *Sigh* just *Sigh*

[Sales] Call of Duty series lifetime sales: 35 million: Eh...

[ESRB] ESRB denies working with Iran:

[WoW] Play WoW for free for the rest of your life: Talk about wasting your life....

[Deal] The expensive gaming laptop: Wow.

[iPhone] How the Crayon game works on iPhone: Uh, k.

[Japan] Gackt now a Music producer for games: What?!

[Music] Hollywood composers finding money in Video games: Awesome! More good music.

[List] 4 Games that will make you destroy your controllers: Yeahhh.....

[WoW] IBM: WoW is good now:
Uh, no.

[Home] Home could be in beta forever: Hmm.

[LBP] 9 Look so much like a Sackboy: Yep.

[Video] Watch the Japan only Ninja Blade demo: Uh.

[Delayed] StarCraft II's zerg, protoss campaigns on the backburner:

[Review] Mushroom Men kotaku review: Eh.

[Mod] PS3 with a 360 inside: Uh, k.

[Demo] Killzone 2 demo being offered through gamestop preorders: Whaaaat?!

[Comparison] PS3 Resident Evil vs 360: Uh, k.

[DLC] 360 Exclusive Tomb Raider DLC contains swimsuit: Uh, yeah.....

[NSFW] LittleBigPlanet level that is totally NSFW: Ah...

[Sales] Japan's best selling games of 2008: Monster Hunter.

[LBP] MGS LBP content a little glitchy: Aw...

[Article] Someone else is asking if games are art: Yes, we're done here.

[Nintendo] Nintendo cares so much about the hardcore, they are not releasing a Zelda game for the first time in 10 years: My Point.

[Square] Square will use Unreal Engine on case-by-case basis:
No, thanks.

[GH/RB] Getting Slayer into Guitar Hero: Metallica was hard: Eh...

[PS3] PS3s used to crack web security:

[Halo] Complete list of Halo Wars achievements: Uh, k.

[Free] Tomb Raider: Underworld soundtrack is free: Eh...

[Port] Way of The Samurai 3 going to 360 after all: Shame.

[Fail] Blizzard customer support is not a teen suicide hotline: Fail.

[Comparison] Playstation Home vs Second Life:
Uh, okay.

[PS3] Uncharted 2 takes place in war torn Tibet, more details: Sounds awesome.

[SEGA] SEGA registers another Dreamcast game trademark: Odd.

[Fail] Dumb mom puts Credit card in Wii: Fail.

[Sales] Nintendo's ranking in the end of the year Tokyo Stock Exchange: I see.

[DLC] The Joker - Steve Miller Band coming to Rock Band:
Awesome, I guess.

[Home] Microsoft uses Home: Heh, Ironic.

[Lawsuit] Law firms now setting up video game teams:
Yeah, about time.

[Demo] Skate 2 demo coming to 360: Ewwwwwww.

[Demo] LOTR: Conquest demo out on 360:
Only a week and a half late!

[Sad] Second Life cheating husband surprised by movie deal:

[Sad] Lara Croft model gets tons of marriage proposals due to pictures:

[Cute] The top 20 iPhone games of the year: Heheh

[Moore] Peter Moore: "WTF Eurogamer?": Eh....

[Stats] Used game sales of 2008 dip below 07 used sales:
Uh, k.

[PSN] 2-3 New PixelJunk games coming this year: YES!!!!!!!!

[Wii] Dead Rising Wii still sucks, just not as much: Eh.

[PS3] White Knight Chronicles is selling well in Japan:

[Worst] EA - Take-Two deal hailed as one of the worst deals of '08: Yeah....

[Microsoft] Microsoft not brining big guns to CES:
So I see....

[Rumor] Next Lego game is a Rock Band-style game?: This sounds like a bad idea. Harry Potter was a better idea.

[Win] Metal Gear Solid 4 cast does improv- group therapy: I will watch this later. Looks awesome.

[Screenshots] WET screens, look.... Wet:

[PR] IBM endorses video games: PR.

[Jack Thompson] Jack Thompson says Take-Two's troubles are from god: I agree with this comment "Fortunately, Jack, who IS a Christian, has gotten what HE deserves: disbarred, disgraced, and derided."

[Patch] PixelJunk Eden patch coming soon:
Sweet, I can't wait.

[Report] PS2 = Most played console f 2008: Lets see what the 2009 console will be...

[IRL] Video game look-a-likes: That's an 'alright' list...

[Home] ISA costumes also available on pre-order for Killzone 2: Sweet!

[Irony] Book explains how sony inadvertently helped the 360: That's sad.

[Glitch] PAIN Expansion pack glitch is bad: I may buy the expansion pack after it gets fixed.

[Music] Killzone 2's Musical score is 90 minutes long:
Awesome, I can't wait.

[Demo] Resistance: Retribution demo to pre-orderers on WANT!!!!

Holy **** that took a long time!

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