Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010, games I am looking forward to.

As my old list is horribly outdated, I feel I should make a new list of games I am excited for. This is in no order.

Earthworm Jim HD
Platform: PS3, 360, (PC? Wii? iPhone?)
Release Date: N/A
Hype Level: Medium-Low

I loved the second Earthworm Jim game, as I used to play it at my big brother's house when I was growing up. I never however got very far, and only saw more of the game when a friend pulled it out. I still love the style and humor, as well as the music.

Overall the original game is great, and it's nice to have a new reason to buy it. The HD-ness and new COOP levels and modes are really nice additions.

Only gripe I have is that the HD-ness doesn't look that different, as seen in the picture above.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Platforms: PSP
Release Date: 6/8/10
Hype Level: Medium high.

It's no secret I love Metal Gear Solid, as I MGS 1-4 would probably be in my top 10 games. I loved MGS4 more then I could say in words.

It was interesting, after the closure of MGS4 to hear about 2 new MGS games, Metal Gear Rising, and Peace Walker. I still feel a little strange that there are more games after the series ended...

Also, I tried the demo, and was a little setback on the removal of some core MGS game components, as well as the focus a little more on action, following in MGS4's footsteps.

However, since then, I have read a review or two and it seems like despite my issues, it might be a really, really good game. I'm keeping two fingers crossed.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Platforms: PSP
Release Date: 9/7/10
Hype Level: Medium-High

Ah Kingdom Hearts, I loved the first game a lot, I thought it was really sweet, and was well written. It suffered from awkward controls and some other issues, so I was really excited for it's sequels. Both Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II have let be down, with the first being boring and repetitive, and the later being just kind 'alright' and nothing special.

However, from the little I've heard of the game, and the updates to Kingdom Hearts II in Japan, in the form of Final Mix+, I figure this game might be on the right track. I also like the look of the new worlds, and story structure.

I don't, however, like the sound of the battle system. What was wrong with the KH1 battle system? Sure it was a little clunky, but if you smoothed it out, it would have been great. Chain of memories went with a card battle system, and Kingdom Hearts II was too much looks, and too little depth, and was far too easy. This one sounds like a mix of CoM and KH2. I hope it's better than all that though.

Killzone 3
Platforms: PS3
Release Date: TBA 2011
Hype Level: Medium High

I loved Killzone 1, despite what most people thought, The gameplay was clunky, to be sure, but it looked great, had a amazing atmosphere, great characters and story, wonderful weapons, satisfying gameplay, ect. The PSP Killzone did one of the mos successful genre changes for a cannon main game in a series, while not as good as the original was a great game, and had more smooth gameplay.

Killzone 2 was amazing, it had the graphics, and gameplay of the heavens, I was blown away be the 'feeling' of the game, and I still start it up to play botmatches to the day.

However, Killzone 2 suffered from a very boring and generic story, with all the main characters from previous games left to the side, or turned into different characters, while the main story was uneventful, and uninteresting. They also took away secondary fire, and multiple level paths. Killzone 3 is looking to bring back multiple level paths, but I am holding off on getting too excited until I hear more about the story.

Platforms: PS3
Release Date: Q4 2010
Hype Level: Medium-High

I did expect a lot from LBP, and at first was let down because of it, but soon found that it was one of the best hotseat multiplayer games in years. I enjoyed hours of that game, playing and slapping each other.

Not only that, but the game had an awesome style, and absolutely wonderful soundtrack, amazing graphics, and crazy online features.

LBP2 contains a level editor which can make more then just new levels, it can make new games; the developers have made an RTS, a racing game, a space invaders clone, a scrolling shooter, and even an FPS. That along with the new online features and level sharing abilities such as an added code system which can print a code for a level you have made, and swipe it infront of any playstation eye, to automatically load it up in LBP2. If you are not near a computer, you can take a picture of it with a smart phone, and see a preview of the level.

As for LBP2, I am quite excited for it, but I feel I probably still wont enjoy it that much solo, but maybe it can change my mind.

Beyond Good and Evil 2
Platforms: PS3, 360, PC
Release Date: TBA
Hype Level: High

I loved Beyond Good and Evil 1, I couldn't wait to see more of the universe. when BG&E2 was announced, I nearly spit my metaphorical coffee onto my computer screen, I was so happy.

The only issue I have so far, is that it feels like it might be a little more 'realistic', but I have complete faith in the developers. Make it happen.

Team ICO Collection
Platforms: PS3
Release Date: Rumor
Hype Level: Cautious.
*(Fake Cover art)*

This is not announced, but heavily rumored. Still, an HD Shadow of the Colossus with no frame-rate problems along with an ICO with a camera mapped to the right joystick, padded both games with trophies.

That sounds like a dream come true.

I am still worried this will never surface, or wont include the above fixes...

The Last Guardian
Platoforms: PS3
Release Date: 2011?
Hype Level: Medium-High

I loved Shadow of the Colossus, I liked ICO, but I had some issues with it. Overall though, both games were amazing. Anything made by the same people is automatically in my hyped games list.

I am a little worried since there isn't much information yet, I don't know what kind of game it's going to be..

Platforms: PS3
Release Date: TBA 2011
Hype Level: Medium-High

I liked the first game a lot, after playing the demo, it surprised me how much I enjoyed the game. I almost feel like playing it again, it's good stuff. The ending also made me excited for any other games in the series.

My wish was granted via the announcement recently.

Only worry is that there isn't much info yet, and it could end up being very different then the first.

Driver (working title)
Platforms: PS3? 360? PC? Wii? PSP?
Release Date: No clue
Hype Level: Medium-High

I loved Driver 1-3, as gltichy and problematic as they were, I enjoyed 100s of hours on them, playing the mini games and free-roaming. The driving in driver spoiled me so much over every other free roaming game, in a way that nothing else has done driving wise.

Driver: Parallel Lines was a good game, but a very different one. Kinda not a direction I liked, truth be told, even if I did quite enjoy the game.

I am a bit worried as there is no info for the game yet, but as they announced the return of Tanner, I am quite happy. :)

Halo: Reach
Platforms: 360
Release Date: 9/14/2010
Hype Level: Medium

Halo. I loved you when you were 1, and I even liked you when you turned 2, but when you turned 3, you really became something that grew away from me. ODST I liked, but still had many problems that processed from Halo 3.

I am still a Halo fan, and no matter what will try this game, at least for the story.

I don't like the sound of almost all the changes I've heard though, as it sounds like it is trying to change to be more like Modern Warfare and other popular games, which is a terrible idea. That, and the return of the worse elements of Halo 1. I do like the sound of the gametypes though. Who knows, it might be good.

Fallout: New Vegas
Platforms: PS3, 360, PC
Release Date: 11/16/10
Hype level: Medium

I liked Obilivion, and I liked Fallout 3, but I never beat either of them. I figure this game will be the same way, and I will probably put a few 100 hours into it, and never beat it.

I am a bit worried that not enough will have changed from Fallout 3, and that the things that changed could be for the worse. I haven't seen enough of it though.

Crysis 2
Platforms: PS3, 360, PC
Release Date: December 2010
Hype Level: Medium

Having never played the original, or Warhead, I am quite curious what the fuss is all about.

Having not played the original two, it might just really not appeal to me.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Platforms: PS3, 360
Release Date: October 2010
Hype Level: Medium

I liked Ninja Theory's other game, Heavenly Sword a lot, while I never had the chance to finish it, I really wish I had. The visuals, style and story telling was great.

Enslaved looks like a very different beast but the style and story still interest me, not sold on the gameplay yet.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4
Platforms: PS3, 360, Wii, iPhone
Release Date: Late 2010
Hype Level: Medium-High

I loved Sonic 2, I loved Sonic and knuckles, but I never owned Sonic 3. I loved Sonic Adventure 1, but thought 2 was only okay.

Hearing about the return to roots was quite surprising due to the decade or so of crap from Sonic, and the first trailer and screens looked amazing.

Still it's Sonic, he's let people down, time and time again, So he might again.

Platforms: PS3, 360, PC, Mac
Release Date: TBA 2011
Hype Level: Medium

I've never really liked ID's games, sure they were influential, but not my style. However when I saw a game described to me as a mixture of Fallout 3 and MotorStorm, I was excited, and the visuals really back up the excitement.

I however, feel this has a large chance of turning out sour. Also, I've never liked ID's games before, this might just be really not my style.

Red Faction: Armageddon
Platforms: PS3, 360, PC
Release Date: March 2011
Hype level: Medium

I loved Red Faction 1, RF2 was alright, kinda a step in the wrong direction, Red Faction: Guerilla was... Interesting, it was good in a different way, but didn't feel a lot like the old Red Factions.

Red Faction: Armageddon has a good chance of falling into genericy, with the direction they are taking it. At the same time, I wasn't sure Red Faction: Guerilla would be worth playing...

American McGee's Alice 2
Platforms: PS3, 360, PC
Release Date: Possibly early 2011?
Hype Level: High

I only started playing American McGee's Alice (1) recently, and am loving it. I still haven't beaten it, but I can't even imagine how amazing a game in this world would be with modern technology. Seems like a Win to me.

Only thing that worries me, American McGee's last few games have been less than amazing, I hope he's not lost his touch.

Half-Life 2: Episode 3
Platforms: 360? PC? PS3? Mac?
Release Date: Maybe... Someday...
Hype Level: Uh...

While I didn't thing Half-Life 2 was all that amazing, I did enjoy the story, and with the ending of Half-Life 2: Episode 2, I feel very cheated to be waiting this long, and still not have heard even whispers about this game.

I am curious if, at this rate, we will ever see it. Also, if we do, I am worried it wont be on PS3...

LeChuck's Revenge - Monkey Island: Special Edition 2
Platforms: PS3, 360, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad
Release Date: Summer 2010
Hype Level: High

I loved the Monkey Island series, and loved the idea of the Secret of Monkey Island remake. While I didn't like some of the artstyle changes, overall, I liked the look of the remake (I still haven't gotten around to playing it too much).

The remake of the second game was a welcome thing to hear about, and it looks like they are going as far as they can to make it so much better than the first remake. All the changes, such as optional joystick movement, original developer commentary, and updated hint system for newbs. It sounds like it will be amazing.

Portal 2
Platforms: 360? PC, Mac, PS3?
Release Date: Late 2010?
Hype Level: Medium-High

I absolutely loved the first. Great idea, great execution, amazing overall. I did feel like they could have done a little more with the concept, but it didn't distract me from enjoying it a lot.

I am a little worried that Portal 2, being a full length game might get old before you get to the end, and I don't know if they can pull off the quality of the first. I did however like the look of the game. I am kinda worried it wont be on PS3...

PixelJunk Shooter 2
Platforms: PS3
Release Date: 2011?
Hype Level: High

I have almost finished PixelJunk Shooter 1, and I can find very little to complain about. Overall the game is just amazing, the only 'problems' are things that could be added, not things done wrong.

I love Q Games, I think they will deliver us more gold with this.

The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn
Platforms: PS3? 360? Wii? PSP? DS? PC? iPhone?
Release Date: Late 2011
Hype Level: (waiting)

I love Tintin so much, I've read and own all the books, and have watched all the episodes of the show. I've read pages of info on the books online, read behind the scenes books, and listened to audio dramas.

While there have been Tintin games before, none of them were that notable, and I cannot wait to see if this new game breaks that.

I am worried as I've not seen what the movie will be like yet, and this is a movie game, it could end up being rushed. Also, it could end up being a puzzle game, or something that ends up being just not good. There are too many 'ifs' right now.

Valkyria Chronicles 2
Platforms: PSP
Release Date: Summer 2010
Hype Level: Medium

I enjoyed playing the first game a great deal, and was quite looking forward to playing a second... However, one thing I enjoyed a lot about the first game was playing through it with my brother next to me, watching it like a movie. This game, being on the PSP, won't allow that.

The demo seemed good, but I am a little worried the first game will be a fluke, and this game just wont be as good.

Diablo III
Platforms: PC, Mac
Release Date: TBA
Hype Level: Medium-High

I loved Diablo 2 very very much. I was in the top 20 scoreboard online for a short time, and played it a great deal. I've probably beaten in 7 or more times. I still go back and play Diablo 2 from time to time, in fact.

Diablo 3 looks... Different. I am leaning towards in a worse way. It looks much less dark, and more WoW-y. I hated the artstyle of WoW, and liked how dark the original 2 Diablo games were. I also don't like the look of the combat compared to the original games. Lastly, I am worried I wont be able to play it when it comes out.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Platforms: PS3, (360, Rumored)
Release Date: TBA
Hype Level: Medium High

I liked Final Fantasy VI, VII and IX, but haven't really enjoyed many of the others (I liked the look of XIII, but haven't played it yet). Since it was first showed though, I really like the look of this game, a more realistic world and darker story.

I can't say that much, because there's not much known about it yet.

I am a bit worried it will end up just not being fun.

So there you have it, my list of games that I am excited for.

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