Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gaming news articles I dream for, but will never see.

Okay so, this has been on my mind for a while, but hey...

Ever thought about gaming news you would -love- to hear, but know you never will? Here are some I thought of:

"Working together with former company members of Wideload games, now Disney interactive, Bungie purchases rights of the Myth series and Oni.

In true bungie fashion, they have free-wared the older games, Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, and Myth III: The Wolf Age.

"We thought that while Myth III did some things right, it didn't really have a Myth-feeling to it, so we decided, that: 'Why don't we give Myth II a proper sequel!"

The have also granted the rights to continue to update the original Myth games to the group known as Project Magma, who have been updating the series since the release of the third game.

Along with Myth, Oni is also getting a update, with the original game, and cut content being released for free. To add to this they are making a sequel to the original game, answering some of the questions left from the first game."

"Bungie and Microsoft to revive Halo 2,

After the original Xbox Live for original Xbox shut down, all the people that used to play Halo 2 online were left to either play on a tunneling service (Xbox Connect, Xlink), or buy it for PC, as Halo 2 Vista. Thankfully, Bungie knows how to support their fans, and are releasing it on Xbox LIVE as a download.

The downloadable version will contain some extras, and fixes. For one thing, all the downloadable maps from Halo 2 will be bundled with it, as well as the 3 maps unique to the Vista version of it, District, Uplift and Example, along with these mutliplayer maps, it will have a new "Alternate Story" mode, containing the 5 previously unfinished story levels (Including the e3 2003 live demo level), and original ending to Halo 2, and the Halo series. It will also contain the unfinished online COOP planned to be in Halo 2, and have even more revised gametype options.

Along with gameplay tweaks, the graphics have been updated to stay in tune with the Vista version, with updated textures, and lack of pop-up in cutscenes. Speaking of the Vista version of Halo 2, it will be updated to allow cross platform play with Halo 2. The control scheme has also been updated, to be adapted to the 360 controller, with all the original control schemes available as options.

"People kept asking us for a few of these things, such as access to the famous e3 live demo level, and Halo 2's online mode back online, and we figured, why not kill 2 birds with one stone?"."

"Konami to re-release Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence as download on the Playstation Store®.

It will include all the content of the original release, along with new servers for the online segment.

Instead of the rare third disk, Konami is offering codes for digital copies of the Movie version of Metal Gear Solid 3, in HD

In terms of gameplay, they are adding a story coop mode to online, split screen, LAN, and an optional MGS4 inspired control scheme (which will require the host to have it enabled)"

"UbiSoft Reflections announces Driver 3: Director's Cut, a finished version of the gltichy title from 2004.

Along with fixed gltiches, refined gameplay, and the addition of multiplayer, this will contain vastly enhanced graphics, and an improved replay editor.

In terms of multiplayer, it will contain the same gameplay modes found in Driver 2 on PS1, and the inclusion of a few free roaming gametypes that can be played split screen or online."

"After years of absence, Return to Dark Castle, along with brand new ports of Dark Castle, and Beyond Dark Castle will all make their way to PS3, PSP, 360, and Mac/PC as digital downloads, in full HD, with scaling graphics, and full quest/level editors, allowing for everything including the original games to be re-created in them.

Also to appeal more to the online age, they will contain both online and split screen multiplayer, be it co-op, demon's souls style online presence, mini games, or some of the competitive modes, such as capture the flag, or king of the hill.

It has also been announced that there is a planned downloadable expansion pack to it, which will be coming at a later date"

"Dark Castle gets reborn in 3D.

After a successful sequel in 2008, Dark Castle finally follows it's brother, Prince of Persia in a 3D series, unlike Prince of Persia, however, this series will not stray far from it's original roots, staying as a multipath castle free roaming game, with level design reminding heavily of the original games, just in 3D.

At the moment not much is known about the story, or extra modes of gameplay, but the overall gameplay is fun, and one can't help but to think "this is the only way it should be done in 3D" release date is set in stone"

"After a shocking cancellation years prior, Sony un-cancels The Getaway 3, and Eight Days.

Like the previous games, The Getaway 3 will contain more British gang action, with all the free roaming, movie style direction and writing, and everything you loved about the original games. The new one will however also include multiplayer, both online and off, with up to 4 player split screen, in competitive and coop modes. It will much tighter gameplay than the original two games, with over a year of tweaking making everything feel much more smooth.

On the subject of Eight Days, Sony is staying quiet, but it seems to be an action game with free roaming elements where a cop and convict must band together for different reasons that are revealed over the game's eight day long story line"

"Coded Arms: Assault no longer on indefinite hold?

After years of uncertainty, Coded Arms: Assault will finally be finishing development, but not before getting a massive graphical update, and smoother gameplay.

The art style, and anime style story will be staying fully intact says Konami, with the 2005 E3 trailer being their target goal.

Speaking of that trailer, the song featured in it will ship on the soundtrack that will ship along with the game."

"Naughty Dog now working on a new Jak and Daxter game.

After a lot of internal talking, we decided we really wanted to see Jak and Daxter in the Uncharted engine, and after a few test demos just for fun, we realize we could really make something of this, and started at work on a new game.

Following in the cliffhanger ending of Jak X, the new game, tentatively titled "Jak IV" for PS3 will push the series ahead with more free roaming areas, along with Haven City, and the Wasteland, we will be able to explore come of the cities, and areas shown in Jak X.

Speaking of Jak X, racing will return, but this time with the more finely tuned racing physics of Jak X. As well as racing, the jet board, and animal riding segments will return, as will the original voice actors for all the characters.

Following in Racthet and Clank's wake form the PS2 era, it will contain split screen and online multiplayer in the form of racing, competitive, coop and mini games."

"Chono ____

Seriously, how long have gamers been waiting for a new Chrono game? Seeing as both the games in the series have been nominated as best game ever made many times every year, it seems like a no brainer.

Square has heard this though, and has been hard at working regaining the dream team that made the original, and making a new game, which will include characters from both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, but ultimately, being a sequel to the former.

Like the originals, this will include multiple endings, though each will feel like more serious endings, making the "real ending" up to you.

In terms of pleasing fans, they have gone overboard, allowing for options of plain 3D, or cell shaded, more artsy graphics, and English, Japanese, or no voice acting at all.

The game is said to be longer than Chrono Trigger, and have a lot more side quests, but they will stay as relevant and interesting as the ones from CT."

"X-Men: Mutant Academy makes a return,

Even if it was not incredibly popular, the 2 games on PS1, titled X-Men: Mutant Academy, and X-Men: Mutant Academy 2, built up a cult following, enough so that Activision made a sort of semi sequel, X-Men: Next Dimension, for PS2, Xbox and Gamecube.

Now the Mutant Academy will return with a third installment, including all the characters from the first two games, and more more balanced versions of characters that showed up in Next Dimension. The game will contain a story mode, as seen in Next Dimension, and will also include an online multiplayer."

"After working with Just Add Water, Oddworld Inhabitants decides to return to gaming.

Their first goal: finish their Oddworld series, as they originally said they would. They are starting with HD remakes of their first 2 games, and a re-release of Much's Odysee, with better controls.

Their games will appear on PS3, 360, PC and Mac"

"Max Payne 3 is canceled."

"PaRappa the Rapper will finally make a new appearance, this time on PS3, as a downloadable title, which will again follow PaRappa, and his everyday life, with guest appearances by Lammy, and Milk Can.

It will also include a Co-op mode, where one person raps, and the other plays as Lammy"

"Star Wars racing far from over, with a new sequel to "Star Wars Episode 1: Racer"

The best way to start with a series that hasn't seen a release in years, is to re-release what made it popular.

This time, the game is Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, and it will now include vastly improved graphics, split screen and online multiplayer, and many new tracks. It will also have an online leaderboards, and let you race against the ghosts of other players.

Also included is a basic track editor, for all your racing needs"

"Beyond Good and Evil 2 gets a release date, and PSP spin off.

With a release date finally being nailed down, more details are pouring out about the game, and along with these, there is the announcement of a new Beyond Good and Evil game, this will be released on PSP, and be a in between game, sort of like Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines, another UbiSoft series."

"Jazz Jackrabbit finally awakes from life support, with the help of a HD re-release of Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and 2 buddled together for PS3, PSP, 360 and PC/Mac, containing all the features of the original version, with addition of multiplayer coop for the first.

Also, the Jazz Jackrabbit 3 alpha that was floating around the net has now been licensed, and can be freely downloaded as a thank you note to fans.

As for the future of the franchise, it seems like they are going the sega route by supporting both 3D and 2D. Two games were anounced, Jazz Jackrabbit 3D, and Jazz Jackrabbit (working title).

The former will be in the style of the Jazz Jackrabbit 3 Alpha that floated around the web, while the latter will be more in the style of Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and 2."

"Ferazel's Wand gets HD treatment, and Universal Binary patch.

It will also get releases on PS3, 360, PSP, iPhone, iPad, and PC."

"Escape Velocity: Online announced.

Taking cues from fans over the years, Ambrosia, with the help of Matt Burch, has made a new Escape Velocity, which can be played either online or off. Offline, it plays like any other Escape Velocity, but with a new galaxy, ships, missions, weapons, and some new features.

Online it will play more like an MMO with ships flying by all the time, doing missions, being pirates, ect. Also, players can take over planets, and then other players can steal the planet from another.

To access the online segment, one only needs to open an ingame menu and click a button, that's how easy it is.

Still, mods are supported, and Ambrosia says they have plans for expansion packs to extend the life the game."

"H2Overdrive headed to PS3.

After Midway split up the Hydro Thunder team in the early 2000s, people thought they had seen the end of boat racing, but no. Vector Unit released a new Hydro Thunder game on Xbox Live Arcade, but it received mediocre reviews, meanwhile, the original team reformed at a company Raw Thrills, and made the true spiritual successor to Hydro Thunder, as an arcade game, titled "H2Overdrive" after it's tremendous success in arcades, they are finally bringing it to a console. For this they've chosen the PS3 first, and other platforms are still TBA.

Still, seeing H2Overdrive on consoles at all will be amazing, as it will pack all the graphics and sounds of the Arcade version. Though this version will include Online multiplayer, split screen multiplayer, and a port of the arcade version of the original Hydro Thunder."

So, what did I forget?

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