Thursday, February 5, 2009

Killzone 2 Demo preview

Name: Killzone 2
System/s: PS3
Developer: Guerilla Games
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: 2/27/09

Okay, first off, I need to say this: I loved the first game, sure it had it's problems, but I really enjoyed it. The gaming media destroyed the first game, with scores like 5-7/10, which I found completely unfair. Last time I checked my single player time along spent in that game was like 120 hours or something.

I bought Killzone: Liberation for the PSP, and liked it as well, it wasn't as good, but still quite a bit of fun. I only beat it once, but it took me quite a while, and I found all the secrets while beating it.

When the first Killzone 2 trailer was shown, I was amazed, but I already knew it was not real, because I got into Killzone after the trailer for the second was released. The developers said to wait, and that we wouldn't be disappointed, and then after some years of silence, during E3 2007, the first real trailer was shown, and it blew everyone away. Since then numerous vidoes, screenshots and info has come out about the game, but a few months ago, I cut myself off from all the info, because I'd rather be surprised.

I was a bit worried about Killzone 2, because they took some changes to the formula of the first game, which I liked. Also, reviewers didn't like the first game, so I was worried this wouldn't do well critically, and disappoint the people who liked the first, however, now that I have my hands on the demo, I will say what I feel about it.

First off, I will try to get this out of the way. The game is pretty. So pretty, like so so so very pretty. Try to imagine that, and it's better then you are imagining. The game wowed me a lot more then Gears of War, and Metal Gear Solid 4, which is saying something, considering those are the best graphic'd games that I've played so far. The graphics are just, really good, like unbelievably good.

Not only are the graphics good, but so is the art direction and atmosphere. I loved the gritty feeling of the first game, and although it's a little less gritty, it still has the same feeling, which is good, also, the Helgast return, as one of my favorite game villains ever. The atmosphere is like no other game I've played, unlike almost all FPSes, it feels like you couls die at any moment, and you're not a super-hero. you're just some guy, and when there's twenty guys that are trying to kill you, it doesn't feel like you can just rush them, instead, you really feel in danger. If you thought you've played an intense FPS before, you haven't seen anything.

The gameplay doesn't quite feel like the first game, as it is a lot smoother, (The first game felt like a train ride, in terms of jerkiness) and the guns no longer have secondary fire. Also, you can punch and jump, which is a new. But overall how does it feel? Satisfying, this is one of the most satsifying games I've played in a long time, with gunshots actually feeling like they mean something, ragdoll physics working perfectly, and hit reaction being second to none. The gunplay works really well overall, though I haven't gotten use to not just going into fully automatic when shooting, because it really lowers your accuracy. In generally, I could find little to complain about, save the 2 weapon system; in which you get one infinite ammo pistol, and whatever other weapon you want. I wish you could pick and choose 2 different weapons, but alas.

Musically, it does justice to the other games in the series, with it's orchestrated soundtrack, which fits perfectly, and sound even better then the first 2 game's soundtracks. Other sounds, like gunfire, and explosions are exactly what you want to hear, feeling as satisfying as they should, and perfect for how they are used.

The voice acting however was the worst section in the demo, with a lot worse voice acting then the previous two games, and a different voice actor for one of the main characters, which didn't sound very similar. The characters sound generic, and bland, which is a shame, because it could have been a lot better. However, on the plus side, they don't sound like they are, for some reason, having a great time, while being shot at. (Haze, Gears of War, Halo)

The AI from what I saw was really good, surprising me with flanks and other strategies, it will be fun to see it in other circumstances. The friendly AI wasn't as good as enemy AI, but wasn't completely useless either. Nothing more to say really.

It was hard to get a grip on what was going on in the short demo, but knowing the first two games, it will be a pretty good sci-fi story, and I look forward to playing through it.

Killzone 2 has pretty extreme hype, and from the demo, I feel it has more then lived up to it for me. I can't explain the game better then just saying "Find a way to play it yourself"

I wish my PS3 was working, so I could enjoy the game when it comes out...

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