Saturday, February 28, 2009

PSP is still grabbing for more games, sounds good to me.

Sony working with Rockstar to get more GTA on PSP: As much as I don't like GTA, this is a good move for Sony.

Lost and the Damed breaks day one DLC records: Seriously, did anyone expect otherwise?

EA: "We didn't make any hits in 2008": EA's gotten so much better...

Tomb Raider Underworld sold 2.6 million:
May I just ask something? Why? Honestly, the game wasn't that good, it was still just as broken as it was years and years ago. Aiming still sucks, platforming is still annoying, the camera still hates you, the story is bad, just what made people buy it?

Home gets more content: Oh good, there wasn't much to do at launch, but here comes content, which it needs to stay interesting.

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