Thursday, February 19, 2009

News quips

Jeez, what's with all the awesome news lately?

Rumored PS3 update 2.7 features: With these features, the PS3 would be almost next to the 360 in terms of online features.

Unreal III getting expansion pack for PS3, includes 16 new maps, 2 new gametypes, 2 new weapons AND SPLIT SCREEN!:
This makes me very happy. I really wished for split screen before.

New American McGee's Alice game coming:

Today's PSN update: Darn it all, I wish I had my PS3 back...

30 Second Killzone 2 ad shows some sweet graphics:
Wow... Wow....

Killzone 2 developer mentions DLC Co-Op:
Split Screen, please, I would pay for that!!!!

Fallout 3 DLC looks amazing:
Damn Microsoft for making it PC/360 only....

RUMOR mill, Wii Brutal Legend BFIII:
Uh, hmmm I dunno if I believe this.

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