Monday, February 9, 2009

Some news

Again, this is not starting up news opinions, it's just some news I want to share with you.

Dead Rising 2 confirmed, and multiplatform: I know someone who will like this news. :)

Flower 1up review, Flower Joystiq review: Oh good, this sounds like it will be great!

David Jaffe: "LucasArts, call me about making a Indiana Jones game":
You know, I think he could probably do better then what LucasArts could do.

Home Support expands: Well, this is what will make or break home, depending on how much there is to do in it, it will not stay popular.

Red Faction: Guerilla preview:
I say, hear ye, hear ye, give me a demo.

Microsoft says something smart for once: Microsoft is agreeing to making new IPs, even in the economic situation.... Wow.

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