Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New quips

There's a bit of news today.

Noby Noby Boy receiving new content in coming weeks: How awesome, be free please.

New MGO expansion pack includes Vamp, Raiden and 3 new maps (Screens at link): Pff, I still need the second expansion pack...

Braid listed as PC game: Oh good we might be seeing PS3/Mac versions soon.

Namco announced list of puzzle games for DS, one includes wasted Katamari license: Okay, seriously, why?

DSi comes out April 5th:
My care-o-meter is hitting the high zeros.

Ubisoft takes over the Wheelman: Uh, alright.

Street Fighter IV, Gamespot review:
Interesting, with so much praise, I will need to at least *try* this.

(Follow up) Jonathan Blow, lowers PC braid price to $15:
How very nice of him.

Hedio Kojima receives SECOND lifetime achievement award, at age 45: Props to him.

DragonBall: The Movie: Game: Wow, just... wow.

Rock Band coming to casinos: That's actually not a bad idea.

Oregon Trail coming to iPhone:
Hahahahahahahahaha, ahem, hahahahahah.

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