Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh Tsk Capcom, I thought we were over this..

I thought Capcom swore off console exclusives, and went completely multiplatform? I can deal with that, it's fine. Then they ported Dead Rising to the Wii.... It was now on every platform but PS3. Now they are making Lost Planet 2 for 360. Weren't we over this?

Lost Planet 2 being developed for 360: At least it's not the best game, I'm still sad that Dead Rising 1 didn't make it to PS3 though...

FFXIII on track for 2009 release in Japan: Uh, cool...

Barack Obama mentions games, says they are no excuse for good parenting: Hmm. Hmmmm.

1up's Quick impressions of Resistance: Retribution: Sounds good to me. :)

PlayStation Network at 20 million subscribers:
That's amazing!

RUMOR: PSP2 is real, has no UMD drive:
Gimme a second analog stick....

How big is the downloadable games market?: Smaller then I thought.

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